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Immerse yourself in the world of chocolate! Celebrate Chocolate Truffle Day in style.

Chocolate Truffle Day in a variety of flavours

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         A delicate chocolate cloud with a subtle flavour of cocoa and cream is exactly what a person who has tasted a truffle feels. This exquisite dessert has been capturing the hearts of sweet-toothed people for centuries, and its popularity is only growing. So much so that a holiday was founded in its honour. The 2nd of May is Truffle Day, a great occasion to learn its history and enjoy this magnificent dessert.


Dive into the history of the desert: the French roots of the chocolate truffle.

Classic chocolate truffle

Authors / photo source: Kateryna/Pixabay.


        The chocolate truffle first appeared in France in the 19th century. Its creator is believed to be Auguste Escoffier, the famous chef. The story goes that the chef accidentally poured hot cream into a vase of chocolates, and the result was a delicious dessert. A slightly different version of the story claims that it was his assistant who made the mistake, not the chef himself. Since then, truffle sweets have become a symbol of luxury and sophistication. Different times and countries have had their own legends about who invented this dessert and how. Some speak of an accidental discovery, others of a careful creative process.


        A mixture of cream and chocolate turned into what we now know as ganache. It was shaped into balls and sprinkled with cocoa powder. The result was remarkably similar to a truffle mushroom with cocoa powder as a primer that sticks to the mushrooms during assembly. Thus the name "chocolate truffle" was born.


Pick your favourite truffle: the French ones versus all the others.

Variety of chocolate truffles

Authors / photo source: NoName_13/Pixabay.


        Today, there are many types of truffle sweets. Classic French truffles are made of chocolate and cream, sprinkled with cocoa powder. Of course, French truffles are considered the most traditional. Belgian truffles often have a more liquid filling and can be filled with ganache or nut paste. American and Canadian truffles may vary in shape and filling, but they are also a delicious addition to the party.


        French, Belgian, Swiss, American and Canadian truffles are the most common types, but many handmade chocolatiers prefer to use their own unique recipes and fillings. Some less common chocolate truffle fillings include liqueur, champagne, herbs, spices and even chilli peppers! The chocolate truffle in its endless variations is a truly delightful dessert.


Try gourmet truffles at the best chocolate museums.

Delicious chocolate truffles with different fillings

Authors / photo source: ChiemSeherin/Pixabay.


        On the holiday of Truffle Day, you can find these delicious sweets in many confectionery shops and restaurants. Chocolate and candy museums are also worth checking out — not only are they interesting, but they can also offer amazing variations of these desserts. For example, the Musée du Chocolat in Paris offers a fascinating journey through the history of chocolate and its production, including a section dedicated to truffle sweets. The Choco-Story Brussels museum tells the Belgian history of chocolate and includes displays dedicated to different types of candy, including truffles.


        Also worth checking out is the Schokoladenmuseum Köln in Cologne, Germany. Here you can learn about chocolate production, its history and different types of candy, including truffles. The interactive Swiss Chocolate Adventure Museum in Lucerne, Switzerland presents the Swiss history of chocolate and its production, including a mention of truffle candy. Choco-Story in Brugge offers a comprehensive immersion into the world of chocolate, including displays on truffle sweets.


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