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Intui travel breaks down language barriers: now the service communicates with users in 14 languages of the world.

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       Good news: Intui travel is constantly growing and improving. The site of Intui travel has become more convenient and multilingual, now it is available in +7 new language versions. Added Ukrainian, Hindi, Kazakh, Dutch, Polish, Indonesian and Turkish languages.

Intui travel news — now the service speaks 14 languages.

        Intui travel has some news: now it "knows" 14 languages! Thanks to this, it has become even more convenient to plan trips. You can pick up hotel transfers with professional and efficient chauffeurs, see the best deals, read details about the service and book a car in any of these languages. Ordering a trip has become much easier: you don't need to use a translator or remember a school English course — just switch the language of the site to the one you know best and make a reservation. You can also generate a voucher and instructions on the multilingual Intui travel site. Of course, it is easier and more convenient to do this in your native language, because this way you can take into account all the nuances until the trip.
Intui travel site have 14 languages

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Get company news and book a car in your native language.

        Many people know a foreign language and can perfectly use it in everyday life. However, when it is necessary to understand the finest details, it is best to get information in a language that you know like the back of your hand. Intui travel site strives to become as more multilingual as possible in order to eliminate language barriers between transport companies and travelers and help them understand each other word for word. So it will not be difficult to find a trip and order hotel transfers with professional and efficient chauffeurs and read company news in your native language.
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Do not miss Intui travel news: the site is constantly improving.

        The company is constantly developing and improving its technical developments: it makes the search for hotel transfers with professional and efficient chauffeurs, dates and places as accurate as possible so that you can easily find a trip, adds new filters to better understand your needs, expands the functionality of the site. Adding a new language is not just a translation of the text on the site, but the hard work of developers. His many processes remain "behind the scenes", and the user is already observing the result of laborious work.
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       Intui travel continues to share company news and introduce new technologies to make the service more convenient and be able to communicate in different languages. By doing this, the company proves its reliability and deserves the trust of customers for many years. Read other Intui travel news, for example, about the expansion of the geography of transfers on South America and Europe.
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