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Taxi Transfer from Chania Airport CHQ to West Crete resorts. The best way to get to/from the city.

Chania Airport

Chania Airport
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      The international airport in Chania has been operating since the 1960s. and is considered the second busiest in Crete after Heraklion. It receives about 3 million passengers a year, who arrive on the island from major cities in Greece, Germany, Great Britain, Scandinavia and other countries. The hottest time at the airport is during the tourist season (from April to November). At this time, a large number of charter flights appear in the schedule.

Must-see attractions and resorts in West Crete near Chania Airport CHQ.

View of the city of Chania, Crete next to Chania Airport CHQ
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The best beaches in West Crete are close to Chania Airport CHQ.

      The best resorts in this area are the villages of Platanias, Georgioupolis and Kavros. Please note: there are villages with the name Platanias near Rethymnon and in the Chania region. These are different towns. The best beaches in the region are close to Elafonisi and Falassarne. Sandy beaches here are typical for the north of the region, in Stavros, Kalives, Agia Marina and Georgioupolis. In the south, on the coast of the Libyan Sea, most of the beaches are pebbly: Paleochora, Souia, Chora Sfakion.

Must-see cities near Chania Airport CHQ.

      The city of Chania is considered a universal resort, in which there is a place for both relaxing holidays and educational excursions. The Old Town has been preserved here, there are many museums and ancient cathedrals. In Varipetro, there is a water park, where there are conditions for comfortable rest and entertainment for both children and adults. Chania also boasts Europe's largest gorge Samaria, Venetian and Turkish fortresses and the ancient city of Aptera.

Popular transport hubs close to Chania Airport CHQ: Sfakia Ferry Terminal, Chania Port, Heraklion Port, etc.

Water transportation in Chania near Chania Airport CHQ
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      From Chania Airport to the center of the region of the same name can be reached by car in about 21 minutes. Chania is connected by transport links with other regions of Crete, including Rethymnon and Heraklion. Also in Chania there is a ferry terminal of Sfakia and the Port of Chania, with the help of which tourists can easily move between the resorts of Crete, Greece and some neighboring countries. You will be able to know the price Chania Airport getting Chania and book pickup and drop service between Chania Airport and city center in advance.

The best way to get — book professional taxi transfer in advance to/from Chania Airport CHQ.

Chania Airport taxi transfer from CHQ
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      Drivers know everything about your trip in advance. If you do not know the language or are just tired, you can get pickup and drop service between Chania Airport and your destination with almost no communication. The only task is to find a driver who will be waiting for you in the parking lot at the airport with a name plate. Everything else is already written in the instructions for the trip, you don’t need to explain anything on the spot. The driver will not only meet and escort you to the car, but also help you conveniently place your luggage. He knows in advance where you need to go, and will take the best route as soon as you get settled. Local taxi drivers will first need to tell you where you need to get, and then agree on the cost of the trip — due to ignorance of the language and tariffs, you can overpay Chania Airport taxi prices twice or more.

It is convenient to calculate the cost on the website in the usual currency for a shuttle or airport taxi transfer from Chania Airport CHQ.

Calculate airport shuttle or airport taxi transfer price from Chania Airport CHQ
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      You can calculate the price Chania Airport getting Chania and other cities before the trip. Choose where you will go from CHQ or from where you will head to Chania airport and Intui will show suitable private and airport shuttle transfers with the best Chania Airport taxi prices. To see the best Chania Airport taxi prices in your usual money, switch the page settings in the upper right corner and select one of the 22 available currencies. This is convenient if you want to get at best price Chania Airport getting Chania or other cities without understanding the conversions. To travel by taxi or public transport, you will most likely need local currency, which you need to buy in exchange offices, and this is an extra hassle upon arrival.

Cancellation Policy for airport shuttle and private transfers from Chania Airport CHQ.

      On Intui, you can cancel booking an airport shuttle and private transfer to / from Chania Airport with a refund of the cost of the booking. Refunds are possible subject to the cancellation time. If you cancel your booking later than the specified time, the amount paid is non-refundable.

      The time for canceling a booking to receive a refund published in the details of the transfer. Depending on the selected tariff, a different period of cancellation with a refund of the payment made is set. Airport shuttle and airport taxi transfer from Chania airport, booked at the STANDART fare, is subject to cancellation no later than 48 hours before the trip with a refund without penalty. At the FLEXI fare, cancellation of a booking without applying a penalty is available until the time set by the transport company. The date and time of cancellation of the order without deducting a penalty for each car before placing a booking and making payment is available in the description "Details of the transfer". After paying for the booking, the details of the order, including the conditions for cancellation without applying a penalty, can be found in the voucher and in the order card in the Personal Account.

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Chania Airport is located at the following geo coordinates: longitude 35.539840, width 24.140153. Time zone Chania Airport UTC 3 hours, which is very important when booking a transfer from / to Chania Airport . Book in advance! You can order a transfer from Chania Airport to cities and resorts. You can book transfers as well as from Chania Airport and also book a transfer to Chania Airport On the Intui website, prices are final, no hidden fees, payment by credit card or other available methods from 43 options. HOW TO BOOK YOUR TRANSFER Chania Airport ? To continue either select a city/region from the list on the page. Or use the search form. In the search form, enter in the Where field: Name of the city or region or the name of the hotel. Further, you will be offered cars to choose from, for carrying from 1 to 150 passengers and their luggage. You can choose from private transfer from/to Chania Airport or shuttle transfer from Chania Airport . In Chania Airport , the transport company tracks the flight. You will be met with a sign at Chania Airport .

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