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7 Warmest Destinations for winter 2023: sun, sea, relaxing spa, paradise beaches, and underwater adventures.

Beach activities in hot resorts 2023


Authors / photo source: Pixabay/Unsplash.
Winter is on the doorstep, but you want warmth and sun? Head to the hottest resorts in the world and meet the winter of 2023 by the gentle waves in the shade of palm trees. Sri Lanka, Dominican Republic, Maldives — these destinations and not only in winter can boast of 30-degree heat, luxurious beaches and fun entertainment. Choose a resort to your taste, and Intui travel will help you get to it. By booking a car in advance, you can choose from a wide range of private transfers. After all, the closer to the date, the higher the possibility the cars will be “taken apart”.

Catch the gentle waves on the picturesque beaches of Sri Lanka in winter 2023.

Girls relaxing at a resort in Sri Lanka
Authors / photo source: Unsplash.

Winter in Sri Lanka is a great time for a sunny vacation. From December to March in the southern and western parts of the island it is dry and warm, but in the north and east it rains at this time. To enjoy the sea and the sun, tourists go to famous resorts: Bentota, Hikkaduwa, Weligama and more.

The resort of Hikkaduwa is popular for outdoor activities: surfing, diving, snorkeling and boat trips. In winter, blue whales and migratory birds flaunt in front of tourists. Bentota is a paradise for honeymooners with luxury hotels. Tourists here not only relax on the beach and in the spa, but also go on water safaris, visit turtle farms, tea plantations and historical sites. Weligama is a small resort village with spacious beaches, there are places with black volcanic sand. It is good to surf, dive, watch whales and participate in stick fishing.

Buses, trains, taxis run on the island, but public transport may not reach remote beaches. It is interesting to walk around the area on foot or ride a tuk-tuk, a motorized carriage on three wheels. It can be designed for a small number of passengers — a maximum of 4. Oversized luggage does not always fit, and the tuk-tuk does not travel further than 40 km. A reliable option is to book a сar service in Sri Lanka. So you will be sure in advance that you will definitely get to the resort without constant transplants and unnecessary hassle.

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Relax on the spectacular beaches of the heavenly Maldives.

Couple at beach resort in Maldives
Authors / photo source: Unsplash.

 Winter is the dry season in the Maldives. The air temperature is kept at +30°C, the water warms up to +28°C. The archipelago includes many small islands, on which the resorts are located. Each of them has paradise beaches, hotels, entertainment areas, diving, snorkeling and more.

Ari Atoll boasts incredible coral reefs: it is popular with divers and snorkelers. People go to Kandooma Island for excellent surfing. In Kuredu they learn to scuba dive and swim with small friendly sharks. In the Maldives, you can play beach volleyball and arrange evenings with spa treatments, or do something unusual, for example, feed the stingrays or take a selfie with a flying fox.

The largest airport in the Maldives is located on the island of Hulule, 2 km from Male and is named after Ibrahim Nasir (also known as Velana Airport). Resorts located near the airport are reached by speedboats. Long distances are covered by seaplane or domestic flight. Many of the atolls can be reached from Male by ferry. The issue of movement in Maldives is more acute than in other countries due to geography. Just flying in and taking a "taxi" to your hotel will not work — the hotels are scattered around the islands. If you are planning a vacation in the Maldives, then a private transfer should definitely be booked in advance: looking for transport after arriving, you can kill a day or more just to get to the hotel.

Transportation services to the most heavenly resorts of the Maldives from Male.

Immerse yourself in a tropical fairy tale in Bali in winter 2023.

Girl relaxing by the pool in Bali
Authors / photo source: Unsplash.

Monsoons come to Indonesia in winter, but Bali is still hot and sunny. The air during this period warms up to +32°C, water — to +27°C. Surfers rush to the east coast: the ocean is calmer here, and there are more clear days. You can also go kiting, rafting, sailing or skydiving. Or try real exotic elephant rides.

Tropical exotic surrounds Bali from all sides: locals dress in bright outfits, trade in colorful markets and grow rice on plantations. Here you should visit the Monkey Forest, the beaches of the mangrove Nusa Dua or go to a party until the morning in cheerful Kuta. After the cultural program, you can relax in the spa.

Bali Airport is known as Ngurah Rai or Denpasar because it is located just 13 km from Denpasar, the capital of Bali. From it you can go by bus, minibus or taxi. However, regular transport runs according to a schedule and a certain route, it doesn’t reach hotels — you will have to get from stops with luggage on foot. There are a lot of taxis here, most of them are private traders, the trip of which costs 2-3 times more than a municipal taxi. The latter can be called on the spot, but you will have to wait for the car, especially if you have a lot of luggage or passengers. You can rent a car, but there are specific traffic rules in Bali — it is left-handed and chaotic. The best option is to book a private transfer. So you will be sure in advance that the trip will pass without unnecessary hassle.

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Find harmony in yourself with yoga practice in India.

Girl doing yoga on the beach in India
Authors / photo source: Unsplash.

Those who are going to fly on a sunny holiday to India choose the states of Goa or Kerala. You should go to Goa for noisy parties, dancing, new acquaintances and a bright holiday. Here, even in small villages there is a club where you can have fun. The place is suitable for active youth and adventure seekers.

Kerala is for those who love a relaxing holiday. Here you can go to yoga, undergo healing procedures in Ayurvedic clinics and look for harmony within yourself on clean and uncrowded beaches. It offers recovery according to the ancient system: here you can get a relaxing massage of the whole body, take a weekly or even a monthly wellness course, and cleanse your body and mind.

Transportation in Goa and Kerala is presented by taxis, buses and tuk-tuks. The online taxi system works well, but with ordinary taxi drivers you need to bargain fiercely. If you don’t want to deal with local traditions of movement and catch transport, arrange a trip in advance. A car with driver will meet you at the airport, you will sit in a clean and comfortable cabin and calmly drive to the desired hotel or address. Don't wait until your vacation starts after you arrive at your hotel, enjoy your trip as soon as the plane lands.

Transportation services to the most popular resorts from Goa airport.

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See the colorful Thailand — the most popular resort in Southeast Asia in winter 2023.

Spa treatments at a resort in Thailand
Authors / photo source: Unsplash.

The best sunny period in Thailand is from December to March. If you don’t want to face the rain, you need to go to the north of the country: it can be rainy in the Pattaya area. In Thailand, there are already a very large number of resorts for different tastes and colors.

It is worth going to the Andaman coast for a winter sun holiday (resorts of Lanta, Krabi, Phi). So, people often go to Krabi with children — it is quiet, sunny, the water is clear, there are butterfly and crocodile farms. Diving and yachting enthusiasts come to the more crowded Phuket. The most noisy parties and spectacular shows are held in Pattaya. Koh Samui attracts with beaches, seafood and spa-centers. It offers combined treatments with Thai massage, Ayurveda, and open-air massages.

Traveling in Thailand between the islands requires the participation of several types of transport, land and water. Upon arrival, you need to take care not only how to get to the piers, but also take the right ferry. You need to spend extra time, figure out the routes, buy tickets and think about all the details of the movement. It’s good that you can do without this with a holiday transfers — some offerings in Thailand already provide transplants to water transport. So you will get into the car without hassle, the driver will take you to the desired pier and you will enjoy the views not only from the car window, but also from the ferry board without any hassle.

Hotel transfers with professional and efficient chauffeurs to Pattaya from the airport.

Transportation services to the best beaches and hotels from Phuket Airport.

How to get to the beaches and hotels of Koh Samui by airport transfer.

Explore the white-sand beaches and underwater worlds of the Dominican Republic.

Divers at a beach resort in the Dominicana
Authors / photo source: Unsplash.

The winter period in the Dominican Republic is the warmest and sunniest. There are postcard beaches here: white sand, azure sea and bright sun. And there are many such places: the coastline in Punta Cana goes for 32 km. In addition to the beaches, there are two national parks and a marine reserve, as well as an impressive number of dive sites due to the proximity to coral reefs. People go to Juan Dolio in search of solitude: only waves, a beach, a cozy bungalow and the rustle of palm trees. If you want luxury, you can go to Cap Cana. There is a port with boats and yachts on which you can set off on a journey on the water. There is also a golf club, and nearby is the Manati nature reserve.

The most popular transport in the Dominican Republic is the bus. Collective minibusses "carro publicos" and motorcycle taxis "moto concho" are also available. Traveling on the latter is cheap, but extreme: up to 3-4 passengers can be seated on one motorcycle, there are no helmets, and you can burn your legs on the exhaust pipe. There are classic taxis and car rentals, but get ready for the dashing ride of local drivers. If you plan to travel to the Dominican Republic, it is safest and most reliable to book a holiday transfers. So you can relax and focus on the rest in the cabin of a comfortable car.

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Relax in the hot resorts of Vietnam in the winter 2023.

Surfers on the beach in Vietnam
Authors / photo source: Unsplash.

For a sunny holiday in the winter of 2023, it is better to choose southern resorts. During this period, the sun shines brightly in Mui Ne and Phan Thiet, and big waves come to the shores, providing good conditions for surfing. In Nha Trang in December, the weather is cloudy for half a month, but already in February there are many sunny days for beach activities.

Phu Quoc Island is a mecca for those who like to rest under the sun in Vietnam. In winter, the air temperature here warms up to +30°C, and the water — to +27°C. Recreations are popular in the spa-centers. If you get tired of relaxing, you can go on a safari, cruise, excursion or go trekking.

If you are planning a trip to exotic resorts, pay attention to the airport transfer. With it, it is much faster and more convenient to get to the heavenly corners of the planet. Especially if you are traveling with a family or a large company with a non-standard amount of luggage — it is quite difficult to find a suitable car on the spot. Booking in advance will save you from waiting in line for a taxi upon arrival at the airport or port. Why would you spend time in lines? Use it to relax and enjoy your trip even before you arrive at the hotel!

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Book an airport transfer to Phu Quoc island.

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