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Travel to asian countries without quarantine 2022.

Vacations in Asia are quite popular among tourists. The warm climate is ideal for a beach holiday twelve months a year and the local culture, gastronomy and folk traditions are also amazing. During the pandemic travel to many countries in Asia and the Indian Ocean was significantly complicated due to restrictive measures. Now when borders are gradually opening all over the world the rules for entry have been significantly simplified. Below you can find asian countries which are open to tourists in 2022 without mandatory quarantine on arrival.

Boats on the seashore in Thailand

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Best destination in Asia without quarantine.

Starting in May and including summer 2022 tourists can visit many popular travel destinations in Asia and the Indian Ocean without observing mandatory quarantine upon arrival. Most countries have significantly simplified entry rules due to the weakening of protective coronavirus measures. Thus, travelers can freely visit Thailand, Bali (Indonesia), Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, India, Vietnam, Maldives and Mauritius where they can spend summer holidays 2022 without quarantine.


Travel to Thailand: entry rules and recreation opportunities.

Since May 1, 2022 Thailand has significantly simplified the rules of entry for travelers. The most important change is the abolition of mandatory quarantine on arrival. What is the best way to travel and relax in Thailand and other popular travel destinations in the summer 2022? There is no longer a need to book a special transfer and a hotel for quarantine as well as testing on arrival and on the fifth day of your stay.

Big Buddha Statue in Thailand

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From May 1, 2022 tourists can fly from Bangkok to other provinces and travel destinations of Thailand as soon as any restrictions on movement within the country have been completely abrogated this summer. The most popular resorts among tourists are still considered to be the islands of Phuket, Koh Samui and Phangan as well as the cities of Pattaya, Krabi and Hua Hin. There are the best infrastructure for recreation: beaches, hotels, restaurants, clubs and shops. To enter the country you must be vaccinated with any approved vaccine (the first dose is at least 14 days ago) or have an up-to-date PCR test (72 hours) for the unvaccinated. You will also need medical insurance with coverage of 10 thousand dollars or more and most importantly a pre-filled online Thai Pass form.


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An ancient temple on the banks of a river on Bali

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Travel to Bali in Indonesia.

Another important update of the upcoming season is the cancellation of quarantine upon arrival in Indonesia. Now tourists can move freely between the islands without having to book a quarantine hotel until the time of retesting.

More often than others travelers choose the island of Bali which is famous not only for its incredible nature but also for a wide variety of recreational destinations: from surfing and yoga to meditation classes and environmental volunteering.

Wondering what is the best way to travel to Bali with comfort it is important to prepare a certificate of vaccination in English in advance or a valid PCR test for a period of no more than 48 hours. You also need to fill out an online entry form, download the Peduli Lindungi application, apply for a business visa and book any hotel or apartment.


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How to travel to Sri Lanka?

In 2022 Sri Lanka welcomes tourists with new rules of entry into the country. Quarantine on arrival was canceled for vaccinated travelers but the unvaccinated will still have to spend a week in one of the proposed and approved hotels from the list.

Palm trees and the ocean in Sri-Lanka

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Another important entry point is to fill out an online visa which allows you to stay in the country for up to a month. You will also need medical insurance, a PCR test (72 hours) and a health declaration filled out before departure with an up-to-date QR code.

Inside the country, you can move freely, choosing for recreation both large cities like Colombo and small villages - Negombo. Vadduva, Mirris or Veligama.


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Another reopened travel destination in summer 2022

Hotel on the island in the ocean Maldives

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In the summer of 2022 entry to many Asian countries and other travel destinations has been significantly facilitated. For example, Maldives and Mauritius which are famous for their snow-white beaches and crystal clear Indian Ocean do not require quarantine. It is enough to pass a PCR test and fill out a health declaration.


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You can travel to Singapore with one of the nine vaccines approved in the country, including Moderna, Pfizer. Vietnam and Malaysia are also extremely popular travel destinations in summer 2022 where you can enter with a certificate of vaccination without the need for subsequent quarantine.

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