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Transfers: Spain (Canary Islands)

The Canary Islands have long been popular in travelers from around the world. Russian tourists have chosen mainly Islands Tenerife, Gran Canaria and Lanzarote. Here you can admire the clock lunar landscapes, palm groves, volcanoes, canaries, watch the stars, swim in the Atlantic Ocean, to go on chic shops, discos and rip t. n. The main event in the Canary Islands — Carnival scale.
Each island of the archipelago of interest in their own way. They are all linked by air, water ferries and speedboats. On the islands, you can travel by comfortable buses (if dismantled in the scheme of their movement, rather confusing, I must say; discounts on travel card is also difficult to understand). You can also use a taxi (white cars with green light), but it is not cheap. Rent a car in the Canary Islands is not recommended for several reasons. Firstly, there is a lot of not very conscientious companies that give you a rental car at low prices, and only after a deposit report need to buy another and insurance and other documents. Secondly, on the islands is not very much and ride, since a large part of their territory considered a sanctuary and travel on it is prohibited.
                Prudent Tourists book the Transfer in the Canary Islands beforehand. They choose the make and capacity of the machine, indicate the number of passengers and baggage, and ordered Transportation is waiting for them in the right place at the right time. These travelers are not at risk of being late to your flight to sail the last ferry or the beginning Carnival. In addition, they save on tips, tolls and minor traffic troubles.

Transfer order Spain (Canary Islands)

Reviews about transfers

Disadvantages of transfer:

There is no normal navigation at the airport, with the index of your company, therefore, it is difficult to find you

20.09.2019 10:51

Advantages of transfer:

Everything is very good. Found the front desk. They showed me my bus. The driver is very polite and helpful. Immediately took the suitcase, even without unnecessary requests. Super - driver.

Disadvantages of transfer:

In case of a return transfer, please inform by mail the time when the bus will be picked up. Since we often don’t know the local language and do not turn on the Internet in roaming. And so all is well. Thanks to the company and the drivers. I travel with your company all the time.

16.09.2019 16:22

Advantages of transfer:

barato (cheep)

Disadvantages of transfer:

lento (slow)

05.09.2019 14:34


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