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Transfer from Murmansk Airport to Teriberka

13 May 2021 (Thursday) at 00:20
Murmansk Airport, Russia → Teriberka / Teriberka
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Lady holding a sign at the airport waiting for airport transfer passengers
New Teriberka village  Teriberka is a rural settlement in the high latitudes beyond the Arctic Circle, on the shore of the Barents Sea, directly connected to the Central Arctic Basin.
The name of the village comes from the Teriberka River, which flows into the Barents Sea. And the name of the river, in turn, came from the ancient name of the Kola Peninsula-Ter. 
An amazing place that combines northern severity and minimalism with alluring enigmatic and mystique. 
Teriberka has now become known and recognizable as a tourist destination, but only a few years ago this village “on the edge of the world” was practically cut off from civilization and is familiar only to a few local residents. 

Teriberka Arctic North

Teriberka on stills from the film  At first, the film “Leviathan”shot in Teriberka in 2014 aroused great interest, and then the popularity of this settlement as a tourist destination. The plot of the film is set in the northern hinterland on the shore of the Barents Sea, where the cold and sinister beauty of nature dominates man, where the primal power of nature is felt, its pressure is indifferent and inescapable. 
This village, 130 kilometers from Murmansk, in the course of its rich history, has known both moments of growth, expansion and success, as well as periods of decline in production, the closure of fishing enterprises and a serious outflow of population.
Once upon a time there was a successful port of a small flotilla, however, in the course of technological progress and the enlargement of fishing vessels, this port has lost its relevance. Large ships could not enter the bay of Teriberskaya Bay and the port was moved to Murmansk. 
A previously successful fish processing enterprise was also liquidated due to the decline in coastal fishing.
Now, the epic wooden ruins of the pier and the graveyard of ships - the skeletons of small fishing vessels on the coastline, causing the attraction of photographers and guests of Teriberka, remind of the former prosperity of this port and Teriberka of that time. 

Teriberka sights and specifics

Old berth of the port in Teriberka Now Teriberka has about 1000 inhabitants.
And ... paradoxically, it is appreciated by tourists for this feeling of an abandoned village in the harsh lands beyond the Arctic Circle on the shore of the seething northern waters, “In the middle of nowhere”. 
It's need to say that in recent years, due to high tourist interest to these places, Teriberka is partially changed, a new residential development, renovated the school and the cultural center, are being built and already built hotels to accommodate tourists. 
However, in Teriberka, apparently, it's not planned to remove the ruins of the port, the cemetery of ships and other abandoned traces of past history, as it has become one of the popular features and even a business card of Teriberka. 
The ship cemetery has a reputation as one of the most photographed places in Russia. Excursions are conducted to the abandoned places of Teriberka, which are stably popular.

Teriberka now

Teriberka now
The village of Teriberka is located on the southern shore of the Teriberskaya Bay, which is divided into three more bays: Lodeynaya, Orlovka and Zavalishina Bay.
Teriberka includes the village of Lodeynoye, or New Teriberka, connected to the Old Teriberka by a road bridge. New Teriberka is more plentifully built up and generally more lively than the original part of the settlement.
Modern Teriberka has not lost its authenticity and combines harsh views of abandoned and dilapidated old buildings with brand new houses and hotels.
Access areas are being improved, paved roads are being built, the main road leading to Teriberka is being actively repaired, high-speed Internet is being provided to the village and mobile communications are being stabilized.
The northernmost brewery in Russia has been opened (with very good reviews). But the grocery store here is still one. 

Teribersky Coast: The Kola Peninsula and the Arctic Circle

Dragon Eggs Beach on the Barents Sea The banks near Teriberka are mostly rocky, steep, with large boulders on the coastline.
On the coast there are many steep cliffs and steep ledges, on which the waves of the Barents Sea break, as well as gorges and waterfalls.
And only where the Teriberka River flows into the sea, the coast is flat and sandy.
A curious and visited place in Teriberka is the beach "Dragon Eggs" near the lake Pitievoe. Tourists are invited to see this beach with a joking phrase “In Teriberka was once inhabited by the dragons”) 
This beach got its popular name for the visual similarity of boulders and stones, turned by sea waves, to large fossilized reptile eggs. 
Local Pomor residents say that during the northern lights, the beach becomes mysterious and, on the wet stones that reflect the sky and the aurora borealis, you can see the eyes of dragons.

Weather in Teriberka. Weather in the Murmansk region.

Teriberka coastline The climate in Teriberka is subarctic. Despite the fact that Teriberka is located much north of Murmansk, the coast near Teriberka is much warmer than on the continental part of the Kola Peninsula and the Murmansk region.
This is due to the warm current of the Gulf Stream at this point in the Barents Sea.
The temperature spread is small, even if you compare winter and summer.
In summer, average temperatures are about +10 °C, in winter about -6 °C.
People here almost always wear jackets or windbreakers. Sometimes, in summer, the weather can indulge in warm and even hot days with maximum temperatures up to +30°C.
From the beginning of December to the middle of January, the polar night lasts in local latitudes.
Mostly on the shore of the Barents Sea, the sky is quite gloomy, constant winds. 

Sports and leisure on Teriberka. Teriberka in the winter

Kitesurfing on Teriberka Although the Teriberka Bay is partially sheltered from the winds, nevertheless, the Teriberka is loved by fans of kitesurfing.
It even has its own kitesurfing school. Ski equipment for all the sports offered here can be easily rented.
In winter, the Teriberka Bay freezes and is covered with ice, creating excellent conditions for winter kiting and snow surfing.
If the weather is snowy, you can do free-ride on the local hilly tundra terrain, go skiing from the hills or take a snowmobile tour.
The cold, clear waters of the Barents Sea attract extreme diving enthusiasts.
You will certainly be offered to visit a reindeer breeding farm and a kennel with husky dogs.
By the way, local residents ride tourists to the Battery Waterfall on dogs with sleds. Here is a peculiar taxi in the Arctic.

The Barents Sea. Excursions in Teriberka to the whales. Fishing in Teriberka

Whale watching excursions in Teriberka Popular are excursions to the sea on fishing boats to meet the mighty inhabitants of the northern waters-whales.
During such a boat trip, there is also a chance to meet beluga dolphins, cute seals, sea hares, tevyak seals, killer whales, tabbies or even Greenland black and white seals.
Meeting with marine life is more likely in the warm season, but in winter you can also see them. 
You can get an experience of sea fishing on an excursion to the island of Anikiev or by renting a boat-boat for fishing.
Fishing, according to tourists, is always excellent here! Often, it is sea fishing with subsequent tasting of sea delicacies that is the incentive for a trip to these northern regions.
And the Barents Sea was artificially inhabited by Kamchatka crab, which perfectly took root and bred here in large quantities. Crabs in Barents Sea are very large in size.
The selection of sea delicacies here is really impressive, and most importantly, you can try all this in a restaurant performance.
Reviews of tourists about the local restaurant at the camp site “Teribersky Bereg " are usually very high, high quality, freshness of seafood and a variety of dishes of Pomeranian cuisine are noted. The menu includes a catch from local waters: large mussels, crabs, cod, catfish, scallops, salmon, kelp, sea urchins and much more. From meat dishes-soups, solyanka, pies, venison steaks.
And the desserts and fruit drinks made from local Northern berries.
However, the catch can be prepared independently in the hotel's kitchen.

The Day Of Teriberka. Festival in Teriberka

Festival in Teriberka  Teriberka broke into the cultural life of the Russia with the festival " Teriberka. New Life”, the guests of which are famous artists and athletes, musicians, restaurateurs and designers.
The new name of the festival is the "Arctic festival Teriberka".
It takes place in the summer, noisy and fun, every year since 2015.
The festival program includes performances on the stage of creative groups of different genres,
performances of popular singers and the presentation of their own program from the Teribersky Culture Center.
And in the evening, a rave party.

International Teriberka. Teriberka is open

International tourists in Teriberka in search of the northern Aurora Teriberka as a tourist destination has become known outside of Russia. It is of interest to foreign tourists in the non-mass segment of tourism, in ecotourism and not only.
National Geographic magazine included Teriberka in the Top 20 best places to travel.
Tourists from all over the world come here, especially from China, Thailand, and Malaysia.
This is quite noticeable in Teriberka, as many signs and signs, restaurant maps are duplicated in Chinese. Tourists from Finland and Norway, having the same climate, go to Teriberka for peculiarity.
Tourism in this region is rapidly gaining momentum, and even despite the restrictive measures of 2020-2021, again showed an increase in the number of tourists arriving in the region.
Winter holidays here - now it's hype and overbooking. And the local authorities strongly encourage tourism and eliminate restrictions.
International tourists also did not become less, despite the global difficulties in movement.

Teriberka, the Northern lights. Russian arctic tourist destination

The polar aurora borealis in Teriberka The resulting surge of interest in this area is due to several other important factors of local identity and nature. We are talking, of course, about the northern Lights or, as it is often called here, about the northern aurora.
In high latitudes on the Kola Peninsula, the northern aurora can be observed from late August to April in cloudless weather during the period of solar activity.
The active season is from November to February.
Special tours in search of Aurora are organized for tourists. In building forecasts of this unique natural phenomenon, local residents tend to be guided by the weather, based on their own experience and know more favorable places for better observation.
Sometimes it is necessary to travel many kilometers by car on the tundra in search of the northern Lights.
The polar aurora has many colors: purple-blue, yellow-green, pink and red. The color depends on which gas particles the solar wind interacts with. And this is determined by the layer of the atmosphere in which the interaction occurs.

Teriberka gives happiness! Aurora borealis

To Teriberka for happiness Asian tourists have long been hunting for the northern Aurora.  
According to Asian legend, to see the flashes of the northern lights, resembling the movements of a dragon, means to live in grace and happiness all year round. 
And there is also a belief that after a trip to the northern Aurora, a married couple a married couple will expecting a child, and it will be a boy, and he will be very happy. 
This tradition is widespread in China, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. And Asian tourists have long traveled to the Scandinavian countries in search of the gracious northern aurora borealis. 
When Teriberka opened as a Russian Arctic tourist destination, Chinese tourists began to visit the Barents Sea coast en masse. 
The Russian polar resort acts as a budget alternative to trips to Scandinavia, Norway, Greenland and Iceland. 
By the way, the Russian-Chinese TV series “Northern Lights of Love” is currently being filmed on the Kola Peninsula.

Rent a house in Teriberka. Teriberka hotels. Teriberka apartment

Panoramic hotel near Teriberka To surely, comfortably and carelessly observe a unique natural phenomenon, marveling at the play of colors of emerald and mother-of - pearl in the polar sky, mini-hotels with panoramic views-glampings already exist in the surrounding area of Teriberka and are gaining popularity. Igloo-like small houses with a sloping roof, about half of the wall is occupied by panoramic windows. So you will definitely not miss the flashes of the northern Lights!
In the old Teriberka there are 2 hotels- “Ter” and “Norman”. In Novaya Teriberka and in the surrounding areas, there is a choice of accommodation options, most often represented by eco-friendly guest houses, hostels, mini-hotels and private apartments. The accommodation options should be taken care of much in advance, as during the northern Aurora and during the festival, there is simply no place to rent housing here, and local residents hastily build additional beds in their apartments.

The way to Teriberka. Murmansk Teriberka distance

Winter road to Teriberka Previously, Teriberka was part of a closed border zone, and after its opening to all comers, the road to Teriberka has become the most popular and unique land access route to the coast of the Barents Sea and the Arctic Ocean in the European territory of Russia.
The road to Teriberka from Murmansk airport is a path of 140 kilometers along the tundra and forest tundra, the first 100 kilometers on an asphalt surface, then 40 kilometers on a gravel embankment road.
In the near future, it is planned to fix this, the gravel road has begun to be reconstructed, expanded, paved and soon the way to Teriberka should become more comfortable. However, this road is the subject of heated discussions and sharp jokes among the local population. "The road is as severe as the whole north”.
The fact is that in winter on the Kola Peninsula is quite snowy. In winter snowy weather, the road can be blocked by snow blockages. In some places, the road visually merges with the snow-covered tundra and only orange columns sticking out along the road help not to fly off the road. It is not the first time for the village of Teriberka to find itself in a snow captivity, cut off from the rest of the world for long periods, up to a month. 

How to get to Teriberka from Murmansk airport

Let's go to Teriberka with comfort on a personal transfer
There are several ways to get to Teriberka from Murmansk Airport. 
It is possible to reach the Teribersky coast of the Barents Sea
by bus, rented car, taxi,
group transfer from the hotel or agency,
as well as by individual transfer.
If there are no snow blocks and you are going to Teriberka in comfortable weather conditions,
however, it is recommended to choose a car for the trip that can overcome difficult sections of the path, SUVs are
best suited.
Under favorable conditions, the journey takes about 2-2. 5 hours.

Murmansk Teriberka bus

You can get there by bus. Regular bus service operates between Murmansk and Teriberka. Departure from the Murmansk bus station (which still needs to be reached from the airport). It is promised that in 2.5 hours the bus will take you to Teriberka. A heavy big bus clumsily enough passes on a rough road, fairly shaking its passengers. The bus schedule is not very convenient, with late arrival and early return flight, the bus runs 1 time per day. Yes, and on arrival, get ready to cover a considerable distance to the hotel on foot, as in the village itself public transport does not go. The path to the hotel or hostel on foot may well be 5-6 kilometers, with a suitcase at night in an unfamiliar place, such a path may well be overcome by a physically strong, prepared and experienced local northern residents - Pomorets. If this is not your option, let's look at other transfer options.

The road to Teriberka on the car

You can rent a car in Murmansk. However, pay special attention that you will not meet gas stations on the way to Teriberka and you need to stock up on gasoline in advance so as not to get into a dead end situation. For a trip to Teriberka, the car must be able to confidently pass difficult distances, which means that it is desirable to check it well before renting.

Murmansk Teriberka taxi from Murmansk airport. 

Taxi. There are. In large numbers. They will be happy to offer you your services at the airport. Here it is important to understand that for local residents and for guests of the region, taxi prices are very different. This is especially true for foreign tourists, here the price tag for a taxi can jump several times. If you take a taxi, you will not be able to choose the car you need according to its characteristics and capacity.
That is, if you are traveling with big luggage (and how else to travel beyond the Arctic circle?) and in a large company, it is better to book a car in advance.

Personal airport transfer Murmansk Teriberka. Rent a car with driver till Teriberka

The most convenient option is with a personal transfer. Moreover, it is qualitatively different in terms of convenience from a collective transfer from a hotel or agency. During a personal transfer, you can meet the long-awaited northern Aurora! On a personal transfer, you can easily book an additional stop along the way, so that, turning in any convenient place, you can place tripods and capture the flashes of the polar sky. By the way, many people go to the waterfalls near Teriberka, very beautiful northern landscapes there. 
And of course the personal comfort of the transfer in combination with a fixed cost. We have prices without surprises! You can see the cost of the service in advance and it will not change upon arrival.

Transfer till Teriberka. Cab airport Murmansk

Personal transfer to Teriberka from Murmansk airport Let's go beyond the Arctic Circle in comfort! 
You have planned your trip, taken warm clothes and equipment for shooting the Northern Lights, and plan your route in detail before the trip to get the most out of this unique journey.
Now it is important to choose how to get to Teriberka, who will meet you at the airport, and, of course, the right car. On Intui, you can choose the right car for a family trip, a private trip or a large group of passengers.
A personal driver will meet you at Murmansk airport with a sign, help with your luggage and take you to your hotel in Teriberka. No surprises on arrival - you know the price of the trip in advance on the website and can pay for it in full or in part online.
A travel voucher containing the details of the order and the cost of the service will be sent to your email immediately after you pay for the reservation.
Our drivers are professionals in their field, licensed transfer companies with experience in tourist transportation.
Our support team works for you if you have any questions or difficulties.

How to book a personal taxi from Murmansk airport to Teriberka

Convenient transfer booking online on the website in 3 minutes! If necessary, you can edit or cancel your reservation in your Personal Account online at any time. 
Allow yourself to enjoy a journey to unknown places immediately upon arrival with a personal transfer from Intui. Travel can be comfortable even in the Arctic Circle! 
At the end of the story about this unique northern harsh region, it's aptly to recall the famous words of the Dalai Lama “Once a year, go where you have never been”.

Now you know how to get to Teriberka! Have a wonderful trip in search of northern Aurora!

24/7 Murmansk Airport transfer → Teriberka

The transfer service is a convenient service especially if you want to travel from Murmansk Airport (Russia) then you will definitely need a transfer from Murmansk Airport to Teriberka at a affordable price from 86 EUR. This can be a transfer to Teriberka by a prestigious car or business minibus, or a shuttle bus to Teriberka. Estimated travel time to Teriberka is 136 minutes. Transfer to Teriberka will take you from Murmansk Airport to your hotel, apartment or villa. Enter the address on the transfer booking page. To find out the cost of a TAXI to Teriberka or a transfer from Teriberka to Murmansk Airport, you must enter the date of arrival, the number of adults and children, as well as the type of vehicle in the search form and click on search button. You can pay for a translation order by card or in another available way. Transfer order from Murmansk Airport to Teriberka - includes the trip itself, driver services, assistance with luggage, travel on local toll roads and the amount of luggage indicated for each vehicle. And for a shuttle - the amount of luggage for the number of adults and children specified in the search. You can edit the ordered TRANSFER to Teriberka and cancel the TAXI order to Teriberka in your personal Intui account.

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Teriberka situated at a distance of 140.1 kilometers from Murmansk Airport. Estimated journey time 136 min
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