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Transfers: Greece / Creet / Cyprus

Greece & Cyprus Airport Transfers

Greece & Cyprus Airports Transfers

Greece is a southwestern country with thousands of beaches located in the Aegean and Ionian regions. It has been a very influential country in the past that gave it the name of “Cradle of Western Civilization”. Its capital city is Athens that still has imprints from the 5th Century B.C. The famous beaches of Greece with round the world fame includes from the black sandy beaches of Santorini and the party Resort sat Mykonos. On the southeastern side of Greece, an Island country called Cyprus is situated. 


Cyprus is the third largest and third most populated island in the Mediterranean Region.  Many people who come to Greece, also tend to go to visit Cyprus Island as well. The ambiance at Greece is very calm and serene with the beauty of natural scenery prevalent everywhere especially at Cyprus Island situated very next to Greece. There are many options for Greece Airport Transfers & Cyprus Airport Transfers including rental cars, taxis, and buses, etc.


Greece & Cyprus Airports Taxi

Most common Greece Airport Transfers and Cyprus Airport Transfers are carried out by taxis. The fare of taxi airport transfers is lower in Greece while the case is totally opposite Cyprus Island. Taxi fares are exceptionally high for foreigners and still, there is no guarantee that the taxi will be of good quality and comfortable or the driver will be polite to you or not. Therefore, it is better to not waste your time and energy over something that has nothing to do with your priorities and book private taxi Greece Airport Transfers & Cyprus Airport Transfers.


Greece & Cyprus Airports Hotel Transfer

The hotels and luxury suites are available at scattered places in Greece as well as Cyprus to accommodate the passengers coming from across the country and they can enjoy a memorable trip to Greece and enjoy the Beauty of Cyprus as well. Passengers always prefer to reach their accommodation for settling down and unpack their bags for the onset of their trip to Greece and Cyprus. Do not worry about anything because Intui Travel is here to serve you for both the Greece Airport Transfers & Cyprus Airport Transfers.


You just have to make advance bookings and make yourself relieved from the stress of arranging conveyance and finding the routes towards your hotel. The driver from a private taxi Greece Airports Transfers & Cyprus Airport Transfers service will pick you from the airport immediately after you will leave the baggage claim area and you will be delivered to your destination hotel within no time.


Greece & Cyprus Airports Transfers Price

The price of Intui Travel’s Greece Airport Transfers & Cyprus Airport Transfers includes all applicable charges and it does not tell you any extra charges to be paid at the end of your ride for unreasonable reasons. You will be aware of the amount that will be charged for Greece Airport Transfers & Cyprus Airport Transfers and this price will be fixed and final.


Greece & Cyprus Airports Transfers Popular Destinations

Greece and Cyprus have a lot to offer to their visitors. These are great places for spending your family time in the shield of nature. Cyprus is a beautiful island with picturesque views and bright sunny days. People of Cyprus are also very friendly in nature and you do not feel like an alien when in Cyprus. There are many famous destinations for Greece Airport Transfers & Cyprus Airport Transfers like Famagusta, Nicosia, Akamas Peninsula, Larnaca, and Ayia Napa in Cyprus and Acropolis, Athens, Santorini, Mykonos, Corfu, and Zákynthos at Greece. Intui Travel has been serving the population for many years with one of the best quality services.


Where to book Greece & Cyprus Airports Transfers?

Greece Airport Transfers & Cyprus Airport Transfers can be booked at the official webpage of Intui Travel. You will have to fill certain information boxes to see the list of available car types to choose from and book an airport transfer.


When to book Greece & Cyprus Airports Transfer?

It is always better to have an advance booking for Greece Airport Transfers & Cyprus Airport Transfers.


Greece & Cyprus Travel Transfers with Special Requirements

Special arrangements can be requested for your Greece Airport Transfers & Cyprus Airport Transfers. You may ask for an extra baggage space if you have more than one bag by paying a little more charges because the initial price includes one baggage space per person and charges will be applied for any luggage bag more than that. You will be provided with a child seat for your younger ones traveling with you and any special assistance like wheelchairs can be arranged for a disabled person.


Enjoy your trip in Greece & Cyprus!


Greece / Creet / Cyprus Transfer Order

Fast, Safe & Easy Greece / Creet / Cyprus transfer: fixed price. Secure payment by credit card. Modern cars, limousines, and minivans are available for transfers for 1 to 9 passengers. We offer the possibility to order several cars for a larger group of passengers. Pick up at the Greece / Creet / Cyprus airport, train station, port at the most convenient time for you. The Greece / Creet / Cyprus airport transfer to the hotel or city center or other destination. Our Transfer - is almost similar to Greece / Creet / Cyprus taxi, although more simple, convenient, and often cheaper. The Greece / Creet / Cyprus transfers include transportation, fuel, driver's time, local taxes, toll roads (if applicable), arrival to the destination point, 1 place for luggage per passenger.

Reviews about transfers

Advantages of transfer:

I went in a transfer to the airport alone, probably on one of the last days of the company’s work due to the temporary closure due to the coronavirus, everything is clear and fast, safe and very inexpensive !!! I am very grateful that they did not cancel my trip, but delivered me the only one to my flight. I ordered it for friends 2 days later, apparently the company has already stopped its work, the transfer was canceled, if warned in advance, the money returned very quickly, probably within 20 minutes. Recommend!!! I will definitely use it next time!

Disadvantages of transfer:


25.03.2020 10:59

Advantages of transfer:

The driver arrived during

Disadvantages of transfer:

Car mismatch, no one reported car replacement

07.03.2020 20:53

Advantages of transfer:

Clearly! Politely! It is comfortable!

26.01.2020 10:36


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