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   Hi,  I’m Alena, a CMO of

   I’m glad introduce my company to you!


    May be our release will make your column more filled

    and more interesting :)  

    There are a lot of articles about Hotels and Airlines, but about ground transport services there is not so much information. 

    I would like to give you a little bit more interesting info for your readers. 

     I would be glad to get your comments and suggestions on the Article below. 

That I should to do that you publish our releases. 

I am pleased to provide additional information. 

  1. Download release (doc)

  2. Download Intui logo 

Best regards 

Alena  Balakhnicheva 


As for today, 51% of travelers book Air-tickets and Hotels (Apartments or Villas) online, so it is important for them to solve a problem with getting from an Airport to a Hotel entrance.  

How to get hotel from the arrival




Travelers want to book the whole trip using one website. 12% of them put this feature on the first place. This index has increased by +3% in 2014. Travelers want to buy quick and easy. 


OTAs and websites, selling airline tickets and hotels, are looking for ways of offering relevant service and value to their customers. They want to raise the average bill to attract customers. Transfer for travelers - this is actually the finished product and the demanded service. 


Travel systems are looking for ways of personalizing their offers to customers, providing more efficient and tailored travel experience, and cultivating and holding high-value customers. 


Our customers: 

  • Travel to a foreign country with a foreign language spoken there 

  • Are either a family with kids and lots of luggage or a group of friends and colleagues 

  • On arrival want to get on a car  without   standing in a line or looking for a  transport  

  • Need a suitable  vehicle  

  • Presumably  do not speak the local language and do not know the local territory 

  • Value their timethey want to solve any arrangement issues  fast and in advance 

  • They need an accurate and reliable transfer from the  arrival point to the hole/villa 



These are not the situations that our customer faces travelling in his own country or at the familiar location. 


A traveler tries to book a transfer online and faces a problem. Local transfer companies and agencies provide transfers by giving names of areas and regions.   

But a traveler has only a hotel name and its address. How to find a name of the area, especially, if he does not know the foreign language? So it might be a bit tricky to book a transfer.   



            The source of the problem is that transfer companies, agencies and OTAs are operating with the data on multiple levels. Local Transport Company does not give enough relevant information about the transfer to integrate it into the OTA dynamic data package.  


Nowadays the Intui already has the  unique algorithm (UA) that  allows to create a route to any point. UA operates with accurate information: exact address, precise route etc. It is just the data that the traveler operates with, while searching for a transfer to book.


Online platform Intui Travel is opened for Suppliers from all over the world. They can quickly add their own fleet to Intui GDS. Intui HUB provides the ability to integrate surface transport service (transfer) into the sales process of an Online Travel Sites via  API (XML). Unique algorithm of Intui allows generating dynamic data package. This algorithm searches and makes up a relevant travel transfer to any hotel, any villa, from any airport or train station. The traveler can book personal transfer in advance. 

Our unique idea means collecting and analyzing data from air companies.  Big data packages, as well as ones received from hoteliers and surface transport companies.  The valuable effect of this solution is obtaining data for Dynamic packaging. 


Value for travel-booking systems  

Integration relevant transfer into booking process of OTA 

  •  Allows to  customize their product  

  • Satisfies customers by readiness to book  

  • Offers a Package Tour  

  • Offers a Transfer from  the arrival point to the booked hotel, villa, apartment 

  • Grows OTA Revenue per an attracted client 


Value for customers 

  • Reducing transaction expenses for  personal trip arrangement 

  • Availability (simplicity and convenience) for places which are not easy to visit – is a platform: 

1) GDS platform Transport Suppliers. Direct contract. Competitive prices. Quality control. Increased markup  

2) For customers there are English and Russian languages support team. Only licensed companies are presented. Only on customers choose among companies, cars with descriptions and photo, and foreign speaking drivers.  


3) Distribution program for travel agencies. API XML for travel booking systems.  




Now we have a Geo-Scalable project in any language, for any emerging market .  April ‘15 Intui scaled platform into EnglishNow is visited by travelers from over 50 countries 

Team. Experienced in travel business, marketing and IT the team Intui is ready to develop the project with SMART investment to further strategic goals. We believe that our strategy should be successful. 


Our project is already working and producing results. Our project has been prepared for the possibility of rapid growth. Our team is ready to scale the project to new GeoMarkets. Our team sees the new target markets, where our designs will be in demand. 

We are team with 10 years experience in travel business, e-commerce. Our team has the competence to work in the field of software for IT B2B tourism, CRM, ERP.  We are able to generate ideas for the development of non-trivial solutions and implement them. 

          Each member of our team is in love with travel. None of them likes to waste time searching and booking. In 2014 we changed the strategy and focused on the Travel transfers. And we launched a GDS of transfers. Our Business model is successful. It is ready to scale to other Market. 

         We believe that the dynamic travel-package this is the future of online TRAVEL market. Full travel-package may be built only with the integration into a shipping method from point to point. Intui provides that service - Travel Transfer 



 We invite investors - we are looking for investment for the growth of the project. If you are an investor with SMART money, we are open to the perception of your experience and knowledge. Our team is ready to put your experience in the development of the project in order to make a joint profitable exit.


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