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Life without worries in Jamaica and colorful Jakarta: immerse yourself in a vibrant vacation with a private transfer Intui.

Traveling around Jamaica and Jakarta with a private transfer
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Have you ever wanted to experience the beauty of two completely different worlds in one incredible journey? With Intui, you can immerse yourself in the carefree atmosphere of Jamaica, with its stunning beaches and authentic culture. Or head to the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, one of the busiest cities in Southeast Asia. Whether you are looking for adventure or a relaxing holiday on the beach, Intui private transfers will pick you up from the airport or from your doorstep to your destination. Upon arrival, a hotel transfer with professional and efficient chauffeurs will already be waiting for you, you just sit down and immediately go along your route in Jamaica or Indonesia.


Enjoy a carefree life in Jamaica with a private transfer from Montego Bay Airport MBJ.

Picturesque beach in Jamaica at Montego Bay
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With its sunny and inviting climate, Jamaica is becoming an increasingly popular destination every year. The island is attractive with its unique nature, beautiful beaches, excellent hotels and restaurants. In addition, the country is known for its unusual culture, which is a combination of African, British and Caribbean influences, and the reggae musical genre, which is synonymous with harmony and peace, originated here.


The Western region of Jamaica is the must-see destination. Here are the most popular beach resorts and hotels from international chains. Montego Bay is the main tourist center. This part of the island is served by Montego Bay Airport. From here you can easily reach the best local resorts, including Falmouth and Florence Hall Village.

Couple relaxing on a Jamaica beach near Montego Bay Airport MBJ
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The main distinguishing feature of the Jamaicans is their leisurely approach to life and behavior without undue concern for difficulties. The most frequently spoken phrase among the people is "No problem." When a traveler arrives in Jamaica, he immediately feels the measured atmosphere and the fact that no one is in a hurry. Even the airport staff is friendly and unhurried. The same principle is followed by drivers of public transport and taxis, so more time should be allocated for trips. If you want to arrive exactly on time and not be late anywhere, you can book a private transfer from your doorstep to your destination. The hotel transfers with professional and efficient chauffeurs will be waiting for you at the right place at the specified time, you will quickly sit down and leave without delay in new travel destination.


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How to get to the hotel from Montego Bay Airport MBJ to Florence Hall Village.


All destinations from your doorstep to your destination in Montego Bay Airport MBJ to resorts and areas in Jamaica.


Explore eclectic Indonesia by car service in Jakarta from Jakarta Airport CGK.

Car service in Jakarta city centre, Indonesia
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Jakarta is the bustling and motley capital of Indonesia, which was once a colony of the Dutch East Indies. The city is full of interesting combinations. You can wake up in a luxurious five-star hotel to the crow of a rooster in the next block. The largest Istiqlal Mosque in Southeast Asia is architecturally reminiscent of Soviet buildings in the style of modernism, and the local Chinatown is the only one in the world without sign boards with Chinese writing.


Those who are going to Java should spend a couple of days in Jakarta before heading further to explore the beautiful island. It is worth seeing the ancient Prambanan temple here, in Yogyakarta the Sultan Kraton palace complex will impress, and to the west — the Borobudur Stupa. Also interesting places can be found in the lively cities of Surabaya, Depok, Tangerang and Bandung, where the mountain resort is located and tourists can enjoy the wildlife of Java to the maximum.

Local girls in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia
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In Indonesian, the word "besok" — "tomorrow" can have several different meanings. While other languages refer specifically to the following day, Indonesians can use it to refer to any day in the future, not just tomorrow. It all depends on the intonation with which it is pronounced: if it is pronounced quickly, it can mean tomorrow or the next few days, but if it is drawn out, it can mean a much more distant future. When you need to specify a date, after the word "besok" the day of the week is added.


In booking not to get confused about the days and time of departure of your transport, you can book a car service in Jakarta on the Intui website and not think about how to travel to the city center. You specify the date and time of the trip in advance — everything is clear without explanation. Hotel transfers with professional and efficient chauffeurs will arrive at the specified time and day, and you will calmly go along your route.


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