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Intui: Filling the gap, enabling increasing sales for travel companies


More than 3000 Intui partners increased the sales up to 8% using transfer instruments . The best option for closing missed link is Intui’s solutions. Intui's partners have integrated & book  transfers to air ticket and hotels sales  to improve customer care, and satisfy them with a large choice, low rates and comfort.

54% of users buy relevant product at the booking phase of air ticket or hotel (Amadeus.
2015). Using dynamic package is a growing trend among OTA, classic tours substitution. Customers are willing to pay for comfort and satisfaction and like to add transfers to their package – air ticket or hotel. Using the opportunity of closing missed link can be massively profitable. 110 USD the average check and 8% growth in booking conversion are Intui partners indicators. 15-25% of online buyers looking for flight tickets say they need transfers offers too.

Intui offers exact and wide description of chips for their customers: wi-fi, exact vehicle model and year of manufacture, vehicle photo, photo of interior, driver’s photo, languages which driver can speak, availability of child car seat and etc. Popular services, such as Skyscanner, and others, provide an additional service of comfortable transfer from relevant port to the destination to their customers, according to their arrival or departure time. transfer API allows a partner to get access to transfers sales and support services easily and fast.

Benefits of transfer API are dynamic packaging, Fast with low IT cost integration to  cross- and post-sales. API operates with exact data: addresses, GEOcoordinates, returns the relevant data by place and date of arrival, place of residence and departure. API picks up IATA airport code and any geo-coordinates of hotels, apartments, villas and responds with relevant transfers.

Inventory Intui is coverage for 145 countries, 38000 cities, and 4500 airports, ports and railway stations. 165 types of vehicles of 4000 reliable licensed transport companies serve clients 24 hours a day non-stop, providing a wide choice of vehicles from affordable shuttlebus to LUX car models, complex transfers. For example, if the hotel is on the island, the API will configure and offer the transfer by car plus by boat. 6 000 000 routes give partners great opportunity to satisfy customers by  accurate &  competitive prices.

Intui API has a unique algorithm, allowing to select the transfer to any air flight, hotel, ticket and generate the dynamic package in 1 step. The integration cost is minimal but it increases the efficiency of online travel sites on maximum. API allows hotels, airlines, airports to offer the demanded, customized product for their users: transfer from the port of arrival to the address or transfer to the location of departure. The unique algorithm allows adding transfers to the air flight and train ticket sales, hotel sales, airport portal’s, and to any site about traveling. transfer API has two solutions - API wide and API light. API wide is mainly used by ОТА, meta searches, hotels, air companies, airports. API light is in great demand by smaller operators, hotels, airlines. Landing URL with transfers routes to hotel, villa, resort or any other place, by GEO-coordinates is possible via API Light. Transfers, relevant to the arrival & departure date give a higher conversion.

Smart transfer API or White label solution are initially installed without any charges for access to it, that's why the number of partners constantly grows. API Wide and Light give more opportunities for income. announces the upgrades and extends the functionality of API at least once a month.

Intui offers Affiliate program for Travel Agencies where they can book for their  customer  a relevant transfer according to the other trip products. transfer       

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