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Transfer or Car rental: which is better to choose

Are you planning a vacation or business trip? Organized and planned in advance, will be successful. Tickets purchased, the hotel is reserved, but how to get to it? What to choose? Transfer - a car with a driver or rent a car and set off on your own? Let's figure it out and find out the pros and cons of these options.
Transfer or Car rental: which is better to choose

How to get from the airport or station in an unfamiliar city, country - there are many ways to get to the place you need. Buses, metro and trains, taxis, car rentals, pre-ordered transfers - what to prefer?


To travel by public transport you need to collect and study information - find out the routes and schedules of local transport, find out how and where to buy tickets. Obvious inconveniences in the form of crossing small, but still distances to baggage in any weather, rain and summer heat, walking from the stop of the selected transport, as well as possible transfers, will exclude the option of public transport in many cases. What about a taxi? In many cities, popular for tourists or full of business life, a taxi queue is not uncommon, but a rule, sometimes a taxi can be expected from 40 minutes to 1 hour. For those who value their time and comfort, as well as the need for free movement on a business or leisure trip, options such as public transport and taxis are not suitable. In this case, you can order a transfer or rent a car. What to prefer, and what are the pros and cons of these options? Consider the stages of the trip.


Car rental: checkout

Upon entering the arrival hall, you will have to find the office of a company that provides a car rental service, as a rule the offices are not on the “first” line. Next, you need to present a driver’s license (it should be borne in mind that many companies have restrictions on age and minimum driving experience), fill out a lot of documents, sign an agreement - get ready to read several pages in two or three columns in small print.


Read the terms of the contract
In addition to the cost of rent, you will be required to make a deposit (or, as an option, a large amount will be blocked on your credit card). It is also mandatory to pay insurance.
And expect that in a foreign country all documentation will be presented in the official language of the country and / or in English. After a tiring flight or trip, you must admit that I want to relax as quickly as possible and not waste time and effort filling out papers and agreeing on details. It usually takes from 30 minutes to 2 hours to get a car for rent upon arrival before boarding the car. And this is provided that there is no queue.
 Inspection of a rental car is required
And yes! Do not forget to inspect the car before taking the keys from the hands of an employee of the company! Scratches, potholes, a torn mat can then become your concern, or rather, you will be obliged to pay the cost of replacement, if you have not fixed the shortcomings when taking the car.

Book a transfer, a car with a driver

Making a transfer on the Intui website before the planned trip will take only a few minutes, just select the appropriate car and enter the trip data in the appropriate fields.

 book an order online
After completing your reservation, you will receive a voucher and detailed instructions on how to find a driver or pick-up location. As a rule, a representative or driver of a transport company is greeted with a sign at the arrival area. An experienced driver from a licensed company will meet you with a sign with your name, whether it is an airport, port, hotel or villa at your desired time. And even if you are traveling in a large company, there are more than 4 passengers and you have a lot of baggage, or non-standard baggage, on the Intui website there is a wide selection of cars for transfer for the required number and age of passengers and type of baggage.

A car trip with a driver - a tourist or business transfer

If you ordered a private transfer - a car with a driver, you will arrive at your destination comfortably: you are driven by an experienced driver of a transport company.

The route of the trip is the shortest and, of course, safe, built in advance by the driver.
Toll roads? Parking? How much fuel is left in the tank? These concerns have bypassed you, because the car is fully prepared for your trip.
car trip tourist transfer
You just have to settle down in a comfortable cabin and enjoy the views from the window from the passenger seat.

How to drive a rented car

In rental cars, you should always be careful with restrictions on average daily mileage and / or total mileage, as well as restrictions on mileage on impassable roads or dirt roads.

drive a car yourself
And the search for gas stations in some countries can become a real quest: they can be closed on holidays and at night, they can work according to their schedule.
Navigating the area at first glance seems simple. If you take a GPS navigator together with a car, prepare an additional amount. If you are counting on an application in your own phone, check this application for data relevance. With the old information in the application you have to get confused. Consider that applications without an online connection, traffic information will not be issued. In order for you to bypass traffic jams, you will need an application with access to the Internet, well, the Internet itself, of course - ask your operator in advance about the cost of Internet access for the phone in the host country. Yes, and get a special support for the phone - so that the phone does not fly over the car during the trip, and you do not have to perform incredible gymnastic exercises in search of a phone in the salon...

Transfer and local features

Each country has its own unique flavor, which is manifested even in the driving features. The situation on the roads in some countries may unpleasantly surprise you, and sometimes even disappoint you.

road situation surprising
 Choosing a transfer from Intui, you will be spared from any troubles waiting for you on the road. Drivers of local transport companies providing a transfer, of course, are familiar with the driving features in their country and will quickly and safely cope with the road and even be able to tell you interesting facts about the city or country that you will not find in any guidebook.

When renting a car, consider the characteristics of national driving

The chaotic movement, the lack of signs, local “kamikaze” and traffic regulations are just a small part of what you may encounter when renting a car.

unfriendly drivers
Even the most experienced driver in an unfamiliar city and with such local characteristics will experience extreme stress, which can overshadow the whole impression of rest and the country as a whole.

Conclusions: a comfortable ride is ...


women driving a car and riding by car

If you are thinking about the choice: car rental or private transfer - weigh the pros and cons, what is comfort for you? And do you need comfort, like calm, perhaps you need an emotional shake that can be given to drive a car in an unfamiliar situation ...
Do you often plan to use a car? Perhaps a car rental is worth taking if you need to make trips daily, and you are well oriented or are sure that it is good), in the country where you plan to go. Comparison of the full cost of renting a car and a personal transfer is in our separate article.
Are the risks of car rental acceptable for you? Is it not a test for you to drive on roads in a foreign city / country? Or, if you rest, from the “ramp of the plane”, and disconnect from the earthly routine in the form of a search for gas stations and nervous experiences “I changed to the right lane” ... Services such as clear instructions, contacts of both the driver and the transport company for communication Tracking the actual arrival of your flight by the transport company, the ability to add an extra hour to travel to the store on the way or to another place and many others (all additional services available can be found in the description of each car when choosing a transfer) allow you to make the trip as much as possible comfortable based on your specific situation and needs.
 A pre-ordered transfer to will help organize your vacation or business trip. Rest begins with the “plane ladder”!
... and another brief comparison in the table
private transfer
what are we comparing car rent
greeted with a tablet or there is an instruction diagram: easy to find

  airport search  

need to find the location of the agency
boarding and departure immediately after the meeting

boarding and departure immediately?

  from 1 to 2 hours:
- verification and signature of the contract and other documents
- vehicle inspection
transfer order for passengers from 1 to 140 people restrictions on the number of passengers
auto selection is possible - up to 8 people
Yes there is  -
child seats can be added to the order
(as described in the specific vehicle)

child seats

not always child seats can be rented with a car
wifi, water, napkins, city map, non-smoking lounge, phone charging, pets allowed, ordering an extra hour for the trip (stop by the way ..)
paid or free - as described specifically for the car

additional service or nice bonuses

if you get a car in 15 minutes, consider, this is a very nice bonus)
But for a gps navigator you will have to pay extra or download the latest application to your phone and stock up support for the device.
licensed professional, experienced and friendly driver
rely on yourself)
and take the risk of breaking the rules and fines
the driver’s care, even if the traffic jams — the driver will either drive around or drive around — the cost of the trip will not change.
relax during the trip!
to independently build a route in an unknown area, the navigator can fail
full, includes paid parking, roads, other fees cost
to calculate the total costs, in addition to the cost of rent, you need to add the payment of insurance, roads, parking lots and fuel, plus make a deposit or reserve the amount on the card
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