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30 04.2020

Watch and choose online - amazing, interesting, educational virtual tours

Virtual tours around the world. Where to go?

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22 04.2020

Be inspired by the combination of ancient and modern. China - for 1000 trips

Although China was the first to "get sick", it was also the first to"recover". What is not a reason to take a closer look at the resorts of China and put them in your "wish-list" for the nearest possible time? Moreover, the " Middle Kingdom” has something to surprise and inspire even an experienced tourist .

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21 04.2020

Good news! More time for a free cancellation of the order with a refund!

Now with Intui.Travel it's possible to cancel a booked transfer just a few hours before the pick-up time! The time, number of hours, for a free cancellation are set by the transport company that performs the transfer. Some companies set very attractive conditions for cancellation - an order can be canceled free of charge a little earlier than 12 hours, or 2 hours ... and even 1 hour!

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16 04.2020

We will deliver you to the source of health!

Modern life has brought us many technologies that make life easier, and, along with this, a constant lack of time. After all, which of us did not put aside “later, someday” the hands will reach “such an important and interesting thing - to see, study and choose interesting places for our future trips for relaxation and impressions? Quarantine not only put us on the sofas, but also gave us free time. Time to find and choose those places that will give you the very thing in the future ... useful, interesting, impressive - that brings a feeling of true relaxation. Let's go?! To a region rich in springs with mineral waters, called the pearl of the Caucasus, to the resorts of the Caucasian Mineral Waters.

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22 03.2020

9 simple steps to protect yourself from getting infected with a virus on your trip

The surging COVID-19 forces many people to reconsider their long-distance travel plans and stay at home. Governments close their borders to entry or make entry possible only after a 2-week quarantine. And the citizens themselves, not all are ready to go "in search of adventure" and stay at home. At home, it is easier to observe sanitary and preventive measures for infection.

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