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24 03.2021

TOP 10 Amusement Parks, Theme Parks and Water Parks in Turkey in 2021.

Overview of the TOP 10 Amusement Parks in Turkey for Holidays in 2021. Turkey offers sunny beaches, theme parks and water parks for family holidays. 2117 rides, a theme park the size of a city, the place where you can accelerate to 110 km in three seconds, and... water slides, fairytale castles, shows, attractions and walks with dolphins, entertainment from Belek to Antalya and Istanbul. Choose where to go on vacation and plan your trip ahead!

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17 03.2021

TOP 7 Egypt vacation activity. Enjoy your Travel Egypt 2021.

Season 2021 for going on vacation is getting closer and if now you’d like not only sun-sea-beach experience that we advise to turn your eyes at Egypt. Yes! This country has lots of tourist and world treasures. From ancient wonders of the world to modern amusement parks, water parks are ready and open for tourists! Egypt - the place where you experience surprises that you don't even expect ...

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10 03.2021

Plan your vacation 2021 to recharge your impressions. Best attractions in the Dubai UAE.

Where to relax in 2021 and where to go with both children and parents, so as to recharge “to the fullest''? Of course, in amusement parks: theme parks, water parks and various amazing activities. Where is the fastest roller coaster with the most loops? What show makes the greatest impression? Where can you see sharks and rays at arm's length? Explore beautiful and large amusement parks with Intui! Yes, yes, parks are open and work in Dubai even now, in the context of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. In the parks, all possible measures are taken to protect and prevent the transfer of coronavirus. Therefore, we can safely say: "Take off, jump, slide down, laugh and enjoy Your Health!"

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24 02.2021

Attractions to visit in Bursa in 2021.

Bursa, the fourth largest city in Turkey, with around three million inhabitants, it is one of the most culturally and industrially developed cities.Bursa, where silk is born in Turkey is a very beautiful city to visit and discover. Each area has its characteristics, food and culture that make it very different from the others and that are worth exploring. Yenisehir International Airport (YEI) is open for the comfortable reception of tourists wishing to relax in Bursa and its surroundings. Bursa is called the green city, since it is surrounded by parks and hills. In the city center you will find most of the tourist attractions. 5 places in Bursa Turkey that must to see

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23 02.2021

Travel safe tips 2021 during coronavirus pandemic.

Good news: you can travel! (and I want to add “.. and it is necessary!”)). According to data compiled by the International Air Transport Association IATA air travel remains one of the safest means of transportation. How to travel safely during the COVID-19? Coronavirus travel safety recommendation.

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