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20.06.2022 expands the geography of transfers in France, Italy and Romania.

      Starting a new journey it is quite important to plan your route correctly. Especially if you get to your destination on your own. On the Intui Travel website new travel destinations have appeared available for ordering an individual airport transfer.

Driver of touristic transfer in cities.

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Airport transfer by Intui is an ideal solution for leisure and business trips.

      The most comfortable way to get to the city center is to order an airport transfer.
      There are more and more new destinations on Intui Travel where you can feel the advantages of pickup and drop service between the airport and the city.
      Check the new airport transfer routes to make your upcoming journey as comfortable as possible: 

How to get to the cities of France in comfort?

      Arriving at the airports of Nantes, Lourdes and Pau, travelers often wonder how to travel to the city center of different cities in France.
      Here are some ideas:

Old town Nantes.

Use a pickup and drop service between the airport and the city.

      The city of Nantes is located in a picturesque valley at the confluence of the Loire, Erdra and Sevre rivers near the Atlantic coast.
      You can get to Nantes Airport by bus, taxi or order an airport transfer to Nantes Airport.
      You can book a cheap transfer here.
      There is another small town close to Nantes airport - Aizenay.
      The most convenient way to get there is to order a pickup and drop service between Nantes airport and the city

Cheap transfer to Lourdes and Pau airport.

      You can get to the Pau Airport from the city of Lourdes - one of the key pilgrimage centers in Europe.
      Some travelers prefer regular buses, others order a private transfer with a personal driver. 
       Here you can check the best available deals.

      Airport transfer to Lourdes Airport is available for booking from the cities of Marsiac, Cottreux and Bareges.

Riccione is  easily accessible while booking an airport transfer from Forli Airport.

      Riccione is located in the province of Rimini in northern Italy.
      People go there for excellent gastronomy, beach holidays, shopping and excursions with ancient architectural monuments.
      All new travel destinations are easily accessible with a private transfer with a personal driver.
      You can quickly and comfortably get to all the key attractions, hotels and neighboring cities in the region with cheap transfer from Forli Airport.
      Ride a car, book a car with the driver to Riccione

Seafront of Riccione

How to travel to the city center of Targu Frumos from Iasi and which transport to choose.

      You can get to the city of Targu Frumos in Romania from the airport of Iasi and from the center of Lasi.
      Iasi is famous for its ancient monasteries and temples, as well as a variety of nature reserves and natural parks.
      From the center and the airport of Iasi it is convenient to get to the ancient town of Buhuși located in the valley of the Bistritsa River.
      Choose a private transfer with a personal driver to Buhuși. 
      Targu-Frumos is another small town near Iasi which is famous for the monuments of the Great Patriotic War.
      An airport transfer to Iasi Airport is available for ordering on the website.

The Palace of Culture in the city of Lasi.

 authors / photo source: Cristian Marius.


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