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09 october 2020

3 hot destinations for autumn 2020. Take several leisure days before winter.

Autumn is in full bloom, whispering to us that winter is not too far away. COVID has already been studied and in most countries many layers of protection measures are in place. Distancing rules and tests have become the norm... and in order to go on vacation, all need are flights and "open borders" of the destination country... and of your own too, for the return ) Countries where you can bask in the sun and enjoy the breeze of the sea..
3 hot destinations for autumn 2020. Take several leisure days before winter.

Vacation in Egypt - Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh

The clear water of the Red Sea and the colorful underwater will make your days fly by! Yes, without leaving the water! The water temperature of the Red Sea is 28 to 32℃, and air is usually between 30 and 35℃. Add a pleasant, not burning sun, veeeery affordable prices and you will get a perfect mix of a positivity to hold out the winter, maybe it will be enough for spring too!)


Young adults running on the beachside

You can get from Cairo Airport to Hurghada or Sharm El Sheikh with a personal transfer!

And much more affordable than flying with local airlines! For example, a trip from Cairo Airport to Sharm El Sheikh or Hurghada by car for 4 passengers and luggage will cost around 140€. For comparison, a flight with local lines from Cairo to Sharm or Hurghada will cost 4 passengers 450€ at the least. The difference is clear! In addition, when ordering a transfer on Intui, you do not have to worry about the level of English proficiency of the taxi driver - the driver already has all the instructions for fulfilling your order.


Transfer on a car from Cairo airport to Sharm El Sheikh


Transfer by car from Cairo airport to Hurghada


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How to relax in Dubai, UAE this fall

Warm water of the bay, 30 degree air, strict security measures, cleanliness and, of course, modern architecture - the fruit of technologies and design solutions of famous architects, a modern wonder of the world that attracts tourists from all over the world. There’s plenty to see around.


The new streets of Dubai and the skyscrapers


Spacious shopping malls will give the opportunity to relax not only on the water and in the water - with a wallet too!). Where else would you get all the thrills and excitement, as not on the water slides? Not everyone despairs to take a ride from the steepest and highest. And in vain - the safety of each slide has been tested individually by thousands of prior visitors, happy and well rested). And the thrills will definitely be enough until next summer!


A family playing in a pool of one of Dubai’s aquaparks


Water parks, amusement parks are open and operational, with a full set of extra precautions and safety measures for guests and employees. Dubai is a beautiful city and many foreigners work in the service sector; among taxi drivers, most are Pakistani. A booked transfer on Intui will save you a lengthy conversation with the taxi driver about traveling in Dubai to the sights which you can use to rest instead! You can order a personal transfer - a car with a driver in Dubai for a trip from the airport to the hotel, between a shopping mall and your hotel, and even between hotels


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Travel and Leisure on Canary Islands, Tenerife

Ocean view at Candelaria, Tenerife, Spain


The months of October and November are pleasant for relaxation on the island of Tenerife. The air temperature even in November is 30℃.
 Exhausting summer heat is gone. You can have a pleasant rest not only thanks to the friendly weather and climate, but also thanks to the many good offers at reduced prices for travel and accommodation. The season is coming to an end and many businesses are making offers to customers in order to get more sales. Intui Airport transfer is being met at the airport and taken on a trip directly to the "doorstep" of the hotel. Rest will start upon arrival!
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Airport transfer COVID less

Transport companies are taking all recommended protective measures against the spread of the coronavirus. Companies may apply additional measures to protect customers and passengers. On Intui you can see the special COVID clean & safe sign...Read more as companies take measures



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