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08 aug 2020

We're going to bask! Warm seas in the post-COVID era

Relaxing not only on the sofa watching the TV is finally real this year! Even if your vacation is postponed, there is still an opportunity to spend your vacation in the warm waters of the sea, recharge with iodine, oxygen and sun rays for the coming winter. The waters of the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf are so warm that you still have time to warm up in the fall! Egypt and Dubai are open to tourists.
We're going to bask! Warm seas in the post-COVID era

Holidays in Egypt.

The opening of Egypt to receive foreign tourists is good news for those who were looking for a way to still relax in this difficult year. Prices in Egypt do not break price world records - it is still one of the countries offering affordable vacations. Maybe the hotels and tourist infrastructure seem very simple after visiting, for example, the United Arab Emirates, but Egypt has one of the world's finest natural resources - it is located on the shores of the Red Sea.


Egypt beach on the Red Sea.


The water of the Red Sea is very warm

In the summer it can reach 35 degrees on the coast, and there are even places where at a depth of 2.2 km the temperature reaches 44 degrees!

Its not needed to say that you can swim in such water for hours. This is what numerous vacationers do. Besides its remarkable temperature, the Red Sea is one of the most transparent. Add to these advantages an amazingly rich and colorful underwater world, and you will understand why the sea is literally covered with “floats” in masks with snorkel and fins. You can look at the underwater, as if an alien world, in warm and transparent water for hours.

The girl is engaged in snorkelling in the Red Sea.
Oh, and don't forget to apply sunscreen all over your body! In water, the skin tans and burns even faster than on the beach! To see “alien” wonders in the Red Sea, it is not at all necessary to master the art of scuba diving with expensive equipment and heavy oxygen tanks - fish and corals are quite close to the surface of the water. And the most ordinary person is quite capable of lying on the water with fins and a mask and watching the world as much as he pleases ..

Travel to Egypt in post-COVID.

The conditions for entering Egypt are currently quite simple: you need to present the test results or a medical certificate issued no later than 2 days before departure, or if there is none, hand it over at the airport upon arrival. A tourist transfer service will help you to get to the hotel comfortably and safely from the airport. Traveling in a car reserved for you by professional transport companies is the safest in terms of preventing the possibility of COVID infection. Local transport companies undergo special certification and take the necessary measures to prevent the spread of the virus. Book in advance a car with driver for your trip. More choice!

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Holidays in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


View of the Burj Al Arabia Dubai.
+30 - +35 degrees in summer reaches the temperature of the Persian Gulf near the coast of Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi. Together with the air temperature during the day, it is rather difficult to be in the water of the bay for a long time - it does not cool) Therefore, those who are “fried” on the beach rush into the waters of the pool. In the Emirates, the water in the pools is cooled) and not heated, as in more northern countries.
Warm sunset atmosphere on the Dubai seafront.
But in the morning and in the evening you can enjoy swimming for a whole year.
And the advanced tourist service in the cities of the emirates offers many water activities, which are quite pleasant to do without freezing.
Water activities in the Dubai Sea.
However, if you suddenly get tired of the heat) and miss your sweater - go to shopping centers. Air conditioners in public areas work so well that you will definitely need your own sweater.

What is required for a post-COVID trip to Dubai.

Dubai has been open to foreign tourists since 07 July. Entry requirements are fairly simple. In addition to the standard valid and before the outbreak, visa and medical insurance, it is required to present the results of the PCR test (which is valid for 96 hours) upon arrival in Dubai, or to conduct the test at the appropriate Dubai airport. There is also a requirement to register tourist information in the COVID-19 DXB app upon arrival.

When in Dubai, you must follow all the precautions: wearing masks, keeping a distance of 2 m and washing your hands regularly.
One of the most comfortable ways to get there at any time of the day or night when your flight arrives from the airport to the hotel is a private transfer by a transport company. You will be met at the airport and escorted to your waiting car. A professional driver will easily understand multi-lane roads and deliver to the address. The transport company ensures the safety of cars from COVID infection: both mandatory treatment and additional protective measures are carried out, for example, passengers can be offered disinfectant solutions or hand wipes.
We advise you to book a transfer in advance - the choice of cars and prices) is better!
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