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29 jul 2020

Are tourists eaten for breakfast?

Fishing in the blue waters off the sunny shores of Zanzibar or teasing the lions on the mainland are all possible in Tanzania
Are tourists eaten for breakfast?
Tanzania became one of the first countries with which Russia resumes air traffic after months of isolation. Yes, Tanzania is an exotic country not only for Russian tourists. And there is really enough exotic in Tanzania - real, amazing ... Despite the fact that you want to go as quickly as possible and relax by the sea and in the sun, it is worth taking a break to consider Tanzania as an alternative to standard routes.
In the heart of Africa, in the "cradle of humanity", to escape from the everyday life of civilization and really feel that this exists not only in cartoons, to see the world of living, free nature,
african savannah
увидеть жизнь, бурно процветающей в своей диком нетронутом виде. 
elephants at watering hole reserve tanzania
A world in which you feel harmony everywhere. How every living organism fits into a polyphonic and multicolored ensemble of harmony. The nature of the reserves of Tanzania is able to return the mind of any "civilized" person to the original source.
blue sky of tanzania
Serengeti National Park is a real treasure of nature, one of the most interesting parks in Africa (and the planet).
amazing flower plant of tanzania
It is even difficult for a city dweller who is accustomed to encounter more mechanisms than “living souls” every day to comprehend how this can exist: millions of wild animals living next to each other. Once upon a time, only the most desperate could admire this property).
Now, in the 21st century, these wilderness treasures are available to “ordinary” people who are not ready to spend several days in hiking conditions. All possible and safe tours are organized in the park.
tourists met a giraffe on an excursion
Near the park, on the border, hotels have been built that harmoniously fit into the landscape of wild Africa, and with all the usual modern amenities for guests.
hotels with views of the wildlife of the reserve
  - an island of the archipelago located in the Indian Ocean. Tropical climate, lush greenery, white beaches with clear blue water, rich life of the Indian Ocean, beautiful hotels, good service are able to give an exceptional complete vacation.
white sand and azure waters of the beaches of Zanzibar
A small number of tourists and the amazing nature of the island will give pure pleasure from excursions to the ocean waters, and to local markets, colorful with fabrics and spices, and fishing.
fishing off the coast of Zanzibar
The isolation from the world of civilization of reserved places will allow you to truly "reboot" and recharge with positive emotions and energy of wild, untouched nature.
zanzibar plants
The well-established service of beautiful hotels will allow you to disconnect from earthly worries.
Zanzibar oceanfront hotels
Personal, comfortable transfers from Tanzania's airports to your hotel will make your journey hassle-free and perfect!
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