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03 june 2020

Discover Serbia: Top-5 must see places for tourists

On May 22, Serbia reopened its borders for tourists from all over the world! There are only a couple of prerequisites for staying in the country after quarantine: wearing medical masks in public places and maintaining social distance. And then, you see, soon - will be canceled! Especially for you, we share the top places to visit in Serbia. Europe is opening!
Discover Serbia: Top-5 must see places for tourists

Where to relax and what to see in Serbia. Top-5 Places in Serbia by Intui

Is there a European country with a richer history than Serbia?
It is unlikely ... In Serbia there is everything: from a combination of picturesque landscapes, a modern way of life, impressive antiquity to endless artistic architectural fantasies embodied on this earth.

1. Walk along the walls of the Belgrade Fortress in Serbia


About 115 battles survived the great Belgrade fortress. Many of the buildings are the result of Austro-Hungarian and Turkish reconstructions of the 18th century. The bloody history of the fort, despite today's funky cafes and fairs, only makes the fortress even more attractive. The Belgrade fortress and its rich history remains one of the most important ways to find out the history of the region and Serbia as a whole.

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2. Visit the Nikola Tesla Museum in Serbia


We recommend visiting the museum of Nikola Tesla, one of the main attractions of Serbia, as it represents the life and work of the great inventor, physicist and electrical engineer, as well as the national hero of Serbia. The exposition of this great museum consists of two main sections, which are the study of Tesla as a person, his photographs and correspondence to present a picture of his life and travels. The second is an exhibition of current models of the inventor’s work, which presents both original 3D images and an innovative induction coil with a discharge of 500,000 volts. Touching science is easy!

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3. Walk around Skadarliya in Belgrade


Skadarliya is one of the places that you can not miss on your tour of Belgrade. This magical part of the city, a favorite corner of poetry and romantic history, which is famous for its wooden bridge, gas lanterns among flowering trees, famous houses and taverns, where great writers, actors, directors, musicians, singers, artists spent many pleasant and cheerful evenings. Today Skadarliya attracts curious tourists from all over the world, therefore it is inscribed in golden letters in the tourist must-have of Belgrade.

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4. Enjoy the promenade along the street of Prince Mikhailov (Knez Mikhail) in Belgrade


The street of Prince Mikhailov with a number of villas is an excellent example of nineteenth-century architecture, where the most influential and wealthy urban families of that era lived. Prince Mikhailov Street was the first regulated and officially named street in Belgrade. Today, this street is a pedestrian zone and a shopping center, protected by law. The street connects Republic Square and Kalemegdan. Going down the street of Prince Mikhailov, you can see objects of cultural and historical value, such as the Serbskaya Krona Hotel, today it is also the home of the Belgrade City Library.

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5. Visit the Roman Empire - see the Viminacium


Viminacium can not be found on the usual tourist route in Serbia. This city, when it was the main favorite of the Roman emperors. Yes, Roman!
One of the largest and best preserved cities of the Roman Empire - Viminacijum, located in the heart of Serbia. Viminacium Archaeological Park provides visitors with an atmosphere of the past. You will be surprised, but 18 Roman emperors were born on the territory of Serbia, and this is one fifth of the total number of emperors who ruled Rome. This figure indicates the importance of the territory of modern Serbia for the Roman Empire until the middle of the 3rd to the end of the 4th century. Here is one more reason for a visit and stunning cultural enrichment!

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6. Where to relax in summer, autumn or spring


raspberry cake culinary specialty of Serbia

In a conclusion, would like to note that Serbia is an excellent destination at any time of the year! This country is little studied and open to tourists, ready to leave its unforgettable mark in your hearts.
Well, finally, a small and very pleasant secret: you should definitely try the local specialty - raspberry cake. Serbia is one of the world's leading suppliers of raspberries. Unique natural conditions allow you to grow juicy and sweet berries. And the raspberry desserts of Serbia ... mmm!
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