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Main page News Going to Russia: +5 new destinations in Russia on the Intui transfer map

Going to Russia: +5 new destinations in Russia on the Intui transfer map

12 march 2020 Nature is already beginning to remind us that travel is beautiful and affordable. Monasteries, nature reserves, parks, mountains, and rivers - all this splendor can be enjoyed in the largest country in the world. And even though it is now a quarantine, but there is time to choose routes for your future trip. Intui personal transfers will help you make your trip even more convenient and organized according to “all the details”. Going to Russia: +5 new destinations in Russia on the Intui transfer map
Our transfers are perfectly combined with air tickets and hotels, have unsurpassed ease of search, safety, and comfort when using the service.
Elista, Kalmykia is Russian Tibet. Here are Buddhist temples, prayer books, and endless steppe. The Golden abode of Shakyamuni Buddha will immerse you in the feeling that you have left your native country.
It is easy to pamper your taste buds in Kalmykia: order the local sweetness "bortsogi" with milk tea and enjoy the dessert like a real monk.
Another reason to get to Kalmykia in the spring is the tulips. Red, orange, white and yellow, all different - just like in the Netherlands, the eyes run away from such beauty. Flowering can be found in late April-early May. This festival of color riot lasts only a week or two, and it is difficult to predict exactly when they will bloom. If you missed the bloom, go to lake Manych-Gudilo, where you will find no less impressive curly pelicans.
The famous Atazhukinsky garden, the largest Park in the North Caucasus, is considered a favorite place of tourists and residents. Here it is extremely pleasant to walk along well-groomed paths among Amur lilac, Manchurian hazel, Japanese quince, and Canadian Bund. In the thickets of rare plants, you can find picturesque gazebos, bright flower beds and artificial lakes with boat rental stations. 
Another must-see attraction is the observation platform on Bolshaya Kizilovka mountain, from which you can spend hours looking at the roofs of the city almost completely sunk in the green sea of trees and the diverging horseshoe peaks of the Caucasus range. Well, how not to taste the Caucasian viands: hychiny, ayran and chicken in sour cream in Kabardian style will remind you that Nalchik was chosen for a holiday for a reason :)
The capital of the Amur region is famous, first of all, for its unique location on the very border with China. Literally across the river, in a kilometer from the landscaped embankment of the Amur River, the territory of the Middle Kingdom and the Chinese city of Heihe begin. 
Blagoveshchensk is ideal for leisurely walks. You will find several cozy parks, Chinese skyscrapers on the horizon and, of course, fascinating views of the Amur and Zeya. Thanks to a strict building plan, the streets intersect at right angles, so it is hardly possible to get lost in this wonderful city.
Are you fans of cherry blossom as they love it in Bryansk? 
Cherry trees grow in almost every self-respecting Russian forest. And in the reserve & laquo;Bryansk forest» you can wander among snow-white clusters of flowers and get enough of the most spring fragrance in spring and summer. The cherry tree often blooms here twice: always in May, and once every two or three years, also in August. 
Although the «Bryansk forest» reserve is considered one of the smallest in the Russian Federation, there are three natural zones on its territory: forest-steppe, forest, and taiga. This is why the reserve boasts an extraordinary variety of plants and animals.
Cheboksary, the capital of Chuvashia, is located in a picturesque place on the right Bank of the Volga river. 
For leisurely walks and shopping for Souvenirs, the pedestrian Efremov Boulevard, aptly named «Cheboksary Arbat», is the best choice.  
Among the many churches in Cheboksary, Vvedensky Cathedral, Holy Trinity monastery, Spaso-Preobrazhensky Monastery and The Church-chapel of the Nativity of Christ are particularly notable. 
From Cheboksary, you can go on an excursion to the small but very beautiful town of Mariinsky Posad or to Alatyr, considered the center of the Orthodox Volga region.
Other new destinations in Russia:
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