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Main page News 7 exotic destinations for memorable winter trips!

7 exotic destinations for memorable winter trips!

29 january 2020 7 exotic destinations for memorable winter trips! 7 exotic destinations for memorable winter trips!

If summer seems too far away, treat yourself by the winter sun.

From pristine beaches to bustling megacities, 7 destinations from Intui.travel they are one of the most popular for exotic holidays in the long winter months.

Below, we lovingly describe each of them, seasoning your interest in places that are worth visiting for a full immersion in the atmosphere of tropical pleasure.
And to make you completely lost in impressions, we, Intui, as always, will take care of making sure that you get to your destination with comfort and at the best price.


1. Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam-from 12 EUR



Saigon, as most” from memory " call Ho Chi Minh city, is an ideal starting point for a trip to Vietnam. The city is characterized by a bustle of chaotic street food stores and really incredible buildings-we recommend visiting the Central post office, which was designed by Gustave Eiffel.
If you need to balance visiting Saigon cafes, Banh mi stands, and night parties at Pham Ngu Lao, head to the War Remnants Museum. Along with a ticket to history, you also get an emotional roller coaster from viewing the exhibits. This place is a must-visit for anyone who wants to learn more about the history of Vietnam.

other travel routes from Ho Chi Minh city tan son Nhat airport


2. Natal, Brazil-from 408 EUR


The main attraction of Natal, the city of the sun, as the second name of the charming resort says, is its picturesque Golden dune beaches. Equally interesting are the coral reefs of exotic Natal and its rich history.  Natal is visited by many tourists, but the vast majority of them are Brazilians, so the atmosphere seems even more authentic.

When you're not lounging on the sand, basking in the sun, you can ride dolphins on Pipa beach, surf in Praia dos Artistas, or just enjoy the view of the Morro do Careca sand dune from Ponta Negra. Those interested in history can visit the fortress of Forte DOS Reis Mago or, as it is also called, the fortress of the Three kings.


Other travel routes from Natal airport


3 Manila, Philippines-from 25 EUR


The most populous city in the world, one of the largest Asian megacities, the multi-faceted Manila is an exciting mix of old and new. Towering skyscrapers and sprawling shopping centers happily share real estate with ancient citadels and Baroque cathedrals. The old city, Intramuros, was the center of power of the Spanish Empire in the East Indies for more than 250 years.

Most tourists stop in the capital of the Philippines on their way to other parts of the country, and you can already see a lot of interesting things just a few minutes away. The Masungi nature reserve, a rainforest with an exciting trekking route, is less than 90 minutes ' drive away. In addition to viewing platforms-cobwebs, climbing stairs, you have to go through the paths of hammocks suspended above the trees.

other travel routes from Manila international airport.


4 Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates from 31 EUR



If you want to combine the winter beach sun with the excitement of a big city, think of respectable and sedate Abu Dhabi. All the main attractions of Abu Dhabi are located almost in one place, namely, on the island of Yas. If lying by the pool becomes tiresome, you can take a credit card with you, because shopping is the national occupation of the country, or go to get off-scale emotions from the giant Ferrari World Park, where you can find the fastest roller coasters.


Other travel routes from Abu Dhabi airport


5 Bangkok, Thailand-from 25 EUR



Stop number one on the tourist route in Thailand-Bangkok. This city can be safely called the gateway to Thailand, where most people stop for a few days before heading further North into the jungle or South to party Islands such as Phi Phi, Koh Samui or Phuket.

Whether you are staying in Bangkok for a while or just passing through, everyone will find something special for themselves in the capital of Thailand. Parties until the morning and outlandish snacks on Kao San road, shopping in glittering malls before taking a dip in the endless rooftop pools in Shiloh, and joining the memory of the Buddha in the city's ancient gilded temples.


Other travel routes from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport


6 is Goa, India from 37 EUR


With 63 beaches stretching along the coastline, Goa is a fantastic destination for lovers of everything: sea, sun, sand, relaxation and surfing. A former Portuguese colony and a must-visit destination on the hippie trail of the 1960s, today Goa has a relaxed and relaxed atmosphere.
If you don't want to get away from your sun lounger and enjoy the incredible sunrises and sunsets of Goa, you can always pick up your Souvenirs from the famous flea market that takes place every Wednesday on Anjuna beach


Other travel routes from Goa Dabolim airport

7 Zanzibar, Tanzania-from 11 EUR


Stone Town is the oldest part of the capital of Zanzibar. No matter how you plan to get to the Tanzanian island of Zanzibar, Stone Town is the first city that is drawn on your route around the island. Everything here is the only thing, and the port and international airport and, probably, the city itself on the island.

An atmospheric tangle with the scent of cloves demonstrates the diverse and complex history of the port city as a center of trade and culture. The authentic darajani Bazaar is worth diving into the shade: spices, fresh seafood and bright fruits create a sensory overload. To fully enjoy the amazing beauty of beaches of fine white sand and sparkling turquoise waters of the Indian ocean , go East to the Paje lagoon, or of Zanzibar, or in the Northern part of the island Kendwa or Nungwi rave.


Other travel routes from Zanzibar international airport

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