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Main page News In the footsteps of the gods or the great Greek holidays

In the footsteps of the gods or the great Greek holidays

19 april 2019 In the footsteps of the gods or the great Greek holidays


The sun, the sea, the temples and 1000 more unforgettable impressions can give Greece to every guest. We have prepared a selection of the most popular destinations for summer and autumn holidays

Where else if not in Greece you can see how rock bands appear on the stage of the ancient amphitheater, and the places where Hercules fought with the hydra became a place for selfie?

In this article, we will explore the mass and “untrodden” paths of Greek tourist destinations - Parga, Mykonos, Karpathos, new Intui destinations, where we offer a quality transfer service from the best transport companies.





Where can you spend time in Greece in a fun and interesting way? Right in Athens. The famous Parthenon temple alone glorifying the goddess Aphrodite is worth an early rise and half of the memory of your camera. In order not to slow down the pace of emotions, go to be inspired to the temple of Zeus - you will be greeted by the largest and most ancient columns, majestically hanging over the crowds of onlookers.
Hill Filopappou rightfully takes place in the hearts of tourists, because with its height offers a stunning view of the ancient Acropolis - a must to visit and enjoy. Do you have to leave? Grab local souvenirs in the Monastiraki market: ceramic antique-styled dishes, olive oil, Metaksu or tart Greek honey made from orange, lemon and pine needles. Athens will long be a sweet echo of your Greek journey.

Athens International Airport - Acropolis | from 32 EUR

Athens International Airport - Ancient Olympia | from 224 EUR

Piraeus Port - Ancient Olympia | from 288 EUR

Athens International Airport - Athens city center area | from 31 EUR

Marina Zeas port - Athens city center | from 39 EUR



The arched coast of the resort of Parga resembles in its shape the ancient Greek amphitheater. This small town seemed to be an example for illustrators of fairy tales: small colorful houses, paved paths, a turquoise sea.
An interesting fact: in this place, once forgotten by Greece, the grand vizier of the Ottoman Empire was born in the family of a poor fisherman, the right hand of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent himself - Pargal Ibrahim Pasha. Today Parga is famous for the beaches of Lichnos, where it is better to come in the late afternoon to enjoy the wonderful sunset, and Vrachos, which is suitable for family and active water recreation. Do not forget to look at Ali Pasha Castle on the hill, and stroll through the olive and orange groves. Take a look at the local cozy cafes on the Cote d'Azur to chat with the friendly inhabitants of Parga and enjoy Mediterranean cuisine.

Lefkada Preveza Airport - Parga | from 60 EUR

Lefkada Preveza Airport - Preveza City | from 60 EUR

Lefkada Preveza Airport - Vrachos | from 169 EUR




Karpathos became a tourist destination quite recently and this is one of the compelling reasons to visit this not fully explored island. A paradise for introverts in the north and a paradise for extroverts in the south, everyone will find here a place to their liking. One of the features of the island is the mountain range, which cuts it along and when you lift your head into the sky you can see how the peaks of the peaks envelop the milky soft clouds. In the town of Pigadia worth visiting the city beach. Pigadia Beach is a natural bay, the coast of which is perfectly equipped for tourists: small hotels, cafes, sun loungers and umbrellas. Here you will find a port from which excursion ships sail. For family holidays and photo hunting, Kira Panagia resort with a beach of the same name is a must-see. The sand is whiter than snow and the sea is the color of emerald, carefully hidden by sheer cliffs - a world of perfect beauty and relaxation.

Karpathos Airport - Karpathos District Downtown | from 15 EUR

Karpathos Airport - Pigadia Beach | from 15 EUR

Karpathos Airport - Kyra Panagia | from 35 EUR

Karpathos Airport - Afiartis | from 15 EUR

Karpathos Airport - Arkasa | from 23 EUR





Have you seen these amazing photos of travel bloggers from Thessaloniki? “The sweet capital of Greece” is so affectionately called by the locals, because the pastry shops are not considered here and breakfast is rightfully considered complete if you ate Lukumades or Dipless. Cultural or active or entertaining, Thessaloniki is equally good for everyone and will be enjoyed. Parties, festivals, exhibitions, sailing - all for unforgettable moments in one place. Every street in this place leads you to the seashore to listen to the sound of the surf.

Rent a bike and enjoy a bike ride in Psakoudia. Develop shopping in Zimiski or Erma. Meet the sunset on the White Tower in the Gulf of Thermaikos and do not forget to take your heart from Salonika on departure, if you can of course.

Thessaloniki Airport - Thessaloniki City | from 18 EUR

Thessaloniki Airport - Psakoudia | from 64 EUR

Thessaloniki Airport - Hanioti | from 35 EUR

Thessaloniki city center district - Scala | from 104 EUR

Thessaloniki city center district - Perea | from 25 EUR




If you indulge in dreams, then might be only in the country with the most luxurious beaches. Experienced tourists claim that after the Greek beaches there is no point in looking for the perfect ones - they are all here in Greece. Over 450 “top quality” beaches marked with blue flags. Mykonos will surprise one of these: the beach with the uncomplicated name Super Paradise is in the top of the most picturesque Greek locations. Imagine: a small bay, transparent turquoise expanse of the sea, golden sand, squares of white houses on a hill and stunning views of the horizon. After 6 pm programs start in local cafes, and closer to the night there are fiery dancing with cocktails under the moon. The famous windmills are the visiting card of the island: huge white giants with wide blades that can be seen long before entering the city bay.

Mykonos Airport - Mykonos Town | from 14 EUR

Mykonos Port - Mykonos Town | from 78 EUR

Mykonos Airport - Ornos | from 42 EUR

Mykonos Airport - Elia | from 19 EUR

Mykonos Airport - Psarou Beach | from 14 EUR

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