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Main page News 5 +! Frightened... to delight! Creepy places for a meeting Halloween.

5 +! Frightened... to delight! Creepy places for a meeting Halloween.

02 october 2018 5 +! Frightened... to delight! Creepy places for a meeting Halloween. 5 +! Frightened... to delight! Creepy places for a meeting Halloween.

Probably the most horrifying  holiday of the year – Halloween is gaining more and more popularity in Russia. However, the traditions of celebration in Europe have a much larger scope. We have made a selection of 5 plus ) the best places where it will be interesting to go at the end of October to participate in festivals with the presence of evil spirits and feel the atmosphere of this non-trivial holiday.

 1) Edinburgh, Scotland

Halloween traditions date back to the ancient Celtic festival Samhain, which is still celebrated in Scotland and Ireland. Samhain is dedicated to the Celtic new year and is celebrated on October 31.

This feast is called “feast of fire” and in Edinburgh should only be done after a spectacular night event, organized by English care. The mysterious Edinburgh has an exciting history, rich traditions, unsolved mysteries, impressive vaults of the mighty fortress and high paranormal activity, which is perfect for traveling on Halloween.

Personal transfers from the airport will help you comfortably get to the hotel or directly to the holiday, just specify the address

2) Frankenstein Castle, Darmstadt, Germany

It is believed that on the night of October 31 to November 1 you can see the Ghost of the former owner of the estate in the castle , which served as a prototype of the legendary scientist Victor Frankenstein. And of course, on Halloween there is a large-scale party. Tourists at the entrance meet vampires, werewolves, mummies, witches and other evil spirits.

 All of them invite you to take a fascinating walk through the dungeons of the castle, to visit the tower of horror and, if you're lucky, to see the Ghost of a scientist. To be honest, such horrors carried out in the castle one day. Guests of the castle can be frightened during October and till November 04. So that you can plan your trip more freely. A pre-booked transfer service will help you not to think how to get from the airport or the hotel to the castle
from Frankfurt airport
or any other

3) Corinaldo, Italy

Picturesque town with medieval history in the North-East of Italy-Corinaldo secretly recognized as the capital of Halloween country. At the end of October there is a mystical festival of fire, light and music at the foot of the medieval fortress. Despite received name in 2007 as the most beautiful small town in Italy, the ancient walls of the XIV century and its inhabitants, are ready to scare you on the “full program”.

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4) Castle Of Dracula, Transylvania, Romania

Welcome to the home of one of the most famous heroes of Halloween – Dracula.

 In Bran castle in the forests of Transylvania once lived a prototype of the famous bloodsucker - ruler of Wallachia Vlad Tepes. If you suddenly get scared and want to protect yourself at night from vampires, in a tourist village at the foot of the castle you can buy garlic and aspen stake.
Take the opportunity and plenty of fear wish many, the queue at the taxi are inevitable.  Advance booking of personal transfer will provide you with the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the holiday

5)  Orava Castle, Slovakia


 And for dessert, we offer you to go to the monastery of count Orlok in Slovakia. It was here that the classics of horror films - "Nosferatu. Symphony of horror". The mystical atmosphere of the castle is the best suited for a visit to Halloween.
Professional transport company will surely and calmly take you from the airport or hotel

6) Europe Park, Germany

Made a heartbreaking mixture of fear and delight. And to celebrate such a terrible event, Europe Park invites from September 22 and will be open until November 04.


 The Park is fully armed and ready to impress its guests : 180,000 pumpkins cover the landscape of the Park, 3,000 bales of straw, spiders and ghostly illuminations provide an unusually eerie atmosphere. On October 31, a surprise is prepared for the guests: the largest in Germany Halloween party with live music, disco and fireworks will roll!
From Frankfurt, Germany
From Stuttgart, Germany

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