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   5 reasons to travel by train.

    The modern world lives at high speeds and the fastest way to travel has long been considered an airplane. Traveling by train is another kind of experience: when the train slowly swaying takes away into the distance to meet new cities and countries.

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     How to travel by train to Portugal, France and beyond.

       In addition to road romance there are many other advantages to traveling by train. Take at least the fact that getting to the train station is usually much easier and faster than getting to the airport. The main thing is to plan the route in advance and book a private transfer with a personal driver from the railway station and back.
      Below are 5 more reasons to travel by train.


      1. Travel by train to different regions.

       There is not always an airport nearby in the destination chosen for the trip. That is why it is more convenient and cheaper to buy a train ticket. That’s how you can travel by train to Zurich and then get from the main railway station to the city center. 

     Book comfortable holiday transfers from Paris Gare du Nord Train Station (Eurostar) and enjoy Paris and other french cities.

     Find a cheap transfer from Porto Campanha train station to visit beautiful places in Portugal. 

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   2. Travel with comfort: how much does it cost

     Many modern trains are equipped with comfortable compartments that allow you to sleep comfortably all night and in the morning have a delicious breakfast and even take a shower. That is why this option is perfect for those who are afraid to fly by plane and cannot sleep sitting in a chair. 


   3. Visit a new country: which transport to choose

     When traveling by train you do not limit yourself to visit only one city since on the way there is a unique opportunity to see other regions and even countries. That’s why only a rented car or a private transfer with a personal driver can be more comfortable than a train. You can solve the problem how to get from or to the railway station so that on the way you can make unplanned stops in places of interest.

     It is convenient to travel by train and by sea in different countries: order a transfer from the airport, train station, port in France, Portugal and Finland.  

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   4. Easy to get an hotel from a train station in other city.

     Railway stations are often located in the historical center of the city which allows you to get there with maximum comfort. If you need to go to the train station from a remote area or you have to get from the train station outside the city it is important to plan your trip in advance. The easiest way is to pre-order a private transfer with a personal driver to or from the railway station by Intui travel.


     Easy way to get an hotel transfer from train station, airport, port in Singapore. 


     Book holiday transfers from Dubai Port Rashid to Dubai hotels, airport, city center. 


     Visit ancient cities of Turkey from airport, railway and bus stations with Intui travel cheap transfers. 


    5. Comfortable travel by train with a child, pet and oversized luggage.

    Often an airplane flight is complicated by the need to buy a separate seat for a child, paperwork for the transportation of a pet and oversized luggage. Travel by train easily solve this problem and allows you to save significantly and spend time on the road with maximum comfort.

The ship sails into the sea
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    Travel by ship, ferry or bus: how to get from the port, train station to the city center.

      Many countries, due to the specifics of the economy and geolocation of the region, offer to travel in one of the above ways. When deciding how to get from the port or railway and bus station to the city or hotel you can choose an individual transfer with a personal driver so that the trip goes easy and fast.

     Find out how to get a hotel from the port of Khlong Toey in Thailand to Bangkok. 


     Places where you can get from the port of Romana in the Dominican Republic.


     Plan your trip from the port of Marseille to other French cities. 


     Oder a private transfer with a personal driver from the port of Porto. 


Find here a suitable transfer from the bus station of Casablanca and Istanbul Great Bus Station.

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