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25 Май 2022

6 important destinations for tourist trips.

It is easy to get from the airport and to the desired city or area with a pre-booked transfer. New destinations have appeared on Intui, where you can order a rental car with a driver and organize your vacation or business trip in advance. The service of a professional transport company will make your road pleasant and safe, and will allow you not to be distracted from leisure or business tasks.
6 important destinations for tourist trips.

New directions on the Intui website.

Movement between the airport and destinations has become easier. Intui has new directions that will make your road pleasant and safe to drive.
Transfers operate along the following routes:

 1. Perm Airport: directions to Krasnokamsk and Pesyanka have been added. 

Big Savino Airport inside.
  The current Perm airport until 1964 was a military one.
  1 year later, he turned into a civilian and began to receive guests from other cities.
  Inside there are 3 terminals: 2 for all passengers, one for the business hall.
   Nearby are points from which you can get to the airport — Krasnokamsk and Pesyanka.
   Both are considered historically important objects where you can study nature, art objects, immerse yourself in the inheritance of the place and spend holidays inexpensively.
   Getting from Bolshoye Savino Airport to Krasnokamsk and Pesyanka is convenient along with the transfer
   — the driver will meet you at the indicated place and will accompany you throughout the journey.
  The convenience is that the route is thought out in advance, so you do not have to travel by bus, taxi and other transport that you need to wait.

  2. Rimini and Pesaro from Parma Airport can now take a comfortable transfer to Intui. 

The Italian city of Parma, where the current airport is located.
  The terminal is located in the Italian city of Parma and receives about 700,000 passengers a year.
   For passengers, 1 small terminal is presented, in some cases you need to pay 59 USD for baggage, 18 USD for printing (information depends on the airline).
   The railway station is 5-6 km from the airport.
    Therefore, if you need to get into directions like Rimini and Pesaro (small towns nearby) — it is better to save time and use a pre-rental car with a personal driver — transfer.
    The railway station is 5-6 km from the airport.
    To get to it, you need to be confident in your time and instead of relaxing, build a further route.
    Therefore, quickly get into directions like Rimini and Pesaro (small towns nearby) — save time and use a pre-rental car with a personal driver —  transfer.

 3. Travel from Forli Airport to Riolo Terme and Milano Marittima.

  Another 1 Italian airport, this time in the city of Forli.
  The racks are located in the departure area,
  and if you are more comfortable registering offline
  — the administration insists to do this in advance and come 2-3 hours before the start of your flight.
  Passengers who are not part of the European Union will need to show a visa and undergo a separate registration.
  Near the airport is the commune of Riolo Terme, where guests like to come.
  The population is up to 5,400 people, so the place has an unusual ruler
  — St. John the Baptist — in the Bible is indicated as the closest predecessor of Jesus.
  Book space for your luggage and travel by light to Riolo Terme!
View the panorama of Milano Marittimo's luxury city.
   Another wonderful area where it is necessary to study
  tourism is Milano Marittima.
  The city is called a garden, because bushes,
  trees and a different amount of greenery always bloom around.
   Although it was previously ordered by large businessmen
  and was considered a luxury city.
  In this place you will enjoy making long stops, exploring the city thoroughly:
  order a car with a personal driver
  before Milano Marittima and enjoy the beautiful views.

 4. Curated points for travel from Bologna Airport: Varignana and Bolnja. 

 Famous hotel Palazzo, where visiting tourists like to stay.
  1 of the largest harbors in Italy. The number of passengers annually reaches the mark of 8 million people.
   Nearby points for a trip from the airport of Bologna are: Varignana and Bologna.
   Varignana is a resort area of ​ ​Italy.
   There are many opportunities to spend a holiday: relax in the museum, visit 1 out of 1000 winemakers, play golf with locals.
   For lovers of activities — we offer to visit the Palacio de Varignana and take excursions to places of resistance movement — trails of participants of the Second World War.
   From the airport, the transfer also delivers to the city itself with the identical name Bologna.
   The city boils with the dynamics of color, streets and people: first of all, spend a trip to the Neptune Fountain and the Basilica of San Petronio.
   Both to Varignana and to Bologna you can get in different ways:
   wait for the nearest train or choose an unknown bus (the nearest go with a difference of 1-2 hours).
   Ordering a service on the Intui website will not be difficult: specify the place of departure, and choose the ideal car for travel, business trips and large companies!

  5. In Sirmion and Rimini, it is easy to get by transfer from Florence Peretola Airport. 

   Florence Peretola is named after Amerigo Vespucci — the full name of the international complex. It is located in Florence, 4 km from the city center. You can get from the airport not only to the city, but to interesting areas nearby — the Sirmione area and Rimini.
  Sirmione (Sirmione) is located in the province of Brescia, Lombardy. Known for a large number of monuments and the treatment of thermal waters. The first thing to visit here is Cotulla Grottoes. The cave got its name in honor of the Roman ruler Guy Catullus in the 15th century.
   What should a tourist do in Rimini? Arriving here, you can get to know nightlife closer — walk near the calm waters of the Adriatic Sea coast or go on an adventure around nightclubs.
   Without queues and waiting, go in the right direction together with the correct organization of transfers from Intui. Book a transfer to Sirmione and Rimini.

 6. Da Nang Airport. 

  Da Nang Airport was erected in Vietnam.
  You can only get to the city on foot or call a Da Nang taxi,
  for which an additional fee is charged to the passenger, that is, the taxi works with the meter.
Entrance to Da Nang Airport.
  You can go from the airport terminal at two nearby points — to the city of Da Nang itself or the city center of Hoi An.
  In the second, different layers of culture are especially vividly represented:
  small Chinese shops, French boulevards,
  houses in the style of local Vietnamese culture.
  Holiday prices in 2022 differ from 2021: take this into account when planning a trip.
 Travel easy with Intui!
 Choose an affordable way to travel and a safe deal for
  your future trip to Da Nang and the city center of Hoi An
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