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24 Май 2022

Lie down or move: recreational activities in the Maldives.

You can relax in the Maldives in different ways. Dive with diving, snorkeling or studying the rich underwater world. You can experience complete relaxation in other ways: relax in a spa, bliss under the skillful hands of a masseur, immerse yourself in aromatherapy or enjoy the sounds of rustle water on the sand and tropical breeze in the evening. How to choose a lesson in the Maldives? What to do in the vacation season 2021-2022?
 Lie down or move: recreational activities in the Maldives.

Shore holiday in the Maldives.

Indian Ocean — local sea Maldives, 2021.
 The paradise corner of the world is designed for a blissful trip: to enjoy the pearl sea, soft white sand, all those reasons why tourists come here.
 However, diving into the history of the country, you quickly learn new things about it.
 The Maldives is the smallest Muslim country in the world.
 26 atolls, that is, a group of islands, make up the entire coast.
 185 of them are considered inhabited by local residents, when there are 1,192 archipelagos in total.
 Even laziness can bypass 1 coast, and it is better to devote the remaining time to 1 single capital — the city of Male.
 The first thing that starts a vacation in the Maldives is the decision what it will be for me personally.
 Taking a place under a palm tree, succumbing to the sea waves of the Indian Ocean, taking a calm rhythm of life, will perfectly relieve stress.
 But is this your case?

1 option — active vacation in the Maldives. 

A man swims in the Indian Ocean in the Maldives.
  Movement improves the brain's neural connections and calms the nervous system. It is not difficult to lean towards active recreation even if you want to experience something new.
  Snokerling is a type of scuba diving at a level up to 10 m . With a breathing tube and a mask. This option will introduce you to marine life and cause strong emotions. Visibility, unlike diving, reaches 40 m, is clearer. Around the reefs you will see bright fish, nurse sharks, stingrays, hammerfish, barracudas and turtles.
  When diving, it is important to remember about:
`1. Reefs
 The rocky elevation is on the verge of extinction. You can't touch them with your hands and break them off. It takes about 5,000 years to restore 1 education. Plus, you can earn a fine that starts from 500 USD.
 2. Protective cream
 If you are diving under water, you need to think about the skin in advance. Choose SPF 40-50+, the only way to keep your tan smooth and shiny.
 3. Aquashures
 Aquashures are special rubber shoes designed to protect the feet from sharp reefs and other objects.
 A tourist tries snokerling while on vacation in the Maldives.
  4. Time of day
 Diving should be done during daylight hours.
 At night, marine life feels more confident, so they often come to land or float to the surface.
 Impressive underwater landscapes promise the Broken Rock Reef and Fish Head at Ari Atoll, the marine reserves of North and South Male.
The wrecks lie at the bottom of Halaveli Island, Addu Atoll, in Northern Male.
There are also plenty of suitable places to relax on the shore. Chicken, Coca, Ninja, Sultan — surfing spots are located on the outside of the Northern Male; Guru, Twin Peaks, Cates — on the South. Other "national sports" in the Maldives include kayaking and cycling.

2 option — beach holiday in the resort of Maldives. 

 Snow-white and small beaches of the Maldives.
  What to do for those who are not ready for active rest? Beach areas in resorts (South and North Male, Raa, Baa, Laviani, etc.) are fabulously good: long braids of pure white sand melt in turquoise water, lush palm trees give a slight shadow, and sunsets are simply staggering. The beach of the capital looks more modest than others: it is clean, but no less fantastic.
  From exotic locations, to which it is convenient to go, it is worth highlighting the beach of Vaadhoo Island. At night, a glowing phytoplankton will appear under your feet. Turtles can be found on the beaches of the atolls Velavaru and Laviani, watch the dolphins — off the island of Maafushi, go to Bolifushi to feed the stingrays.
  On the beaches of the archipelago, alcohol and nudism are banned, bikini swimsuits are prohibited. However, special bikini beaches are open for tourists on the islands of Maafushi, Toddu, Rasdu.
  Only private beaches of expensive resorts can be called small. Otherwise, at the peak of the season, there are many people in the Maldives.
   Entrance to public beaches in the Maldives is free, rent a sun lounger and umbrella costs from 5 USD. Guests use the sun loungers of their hotels for free. On the secluded beaches of some islands, the entrance is from 30 USD. One-day excursions on luxurious resorts cost about 104-115 USD and include all-in services (delivery, transportation, food, drinks, sun lounger, towel, flippers).

 3 option — to attend excursions.

  A ship with tourists is floating in the middle of the Indian Ocean.
  To count all the local sights, enough fingers of both hands. They are located within walking distance of each other, in the center of the capital — Male. In the square of Chandani Magu, Lili Magu, Meduzya Arai Magu and Dharam Avanta Magu streets is Sultana Park — a beautiful place drowning in greenery and flowers.
  On the one hand is the National Art Gallery with collections of examples of traditional and modern art. On the other hand, the National Museum (Chaandhanee Magu, Male), where ancient furniture, coins, costumes and weapons are exhibited, objects discovered during excavations by the Heyerdahl Tour expedition.
  Sultan’s Park is surrounded by several mosques. The largest — Masjid Al-Saltan Mohammed Takeru Fan Al-Azam (Orchid Magu) is located north of the park. The oldest Friday Mosque (Medhu Ziyaaraiy Magu) is northeast.
  Opposite this mosque is the crypt of Sultan Ibrahim. To the west of the park stands the Presidential Palace (Orchid Magu) — a notable example of local architecture. The remaining attractions of the Maldives are atolls: Daalu with thickets of mangroves, Miimu with a colorful fishing village, Baa, famous for excellent fishing. You can inspect them from a yacht or seaplane, admire the inhabitants of the ocean — from the cockpit of a submarine.

 4 option — family vacation in the Maldives.

  The family is having a fun vacation in the Maldives.
  Maldives are not the most fun destination for relaxing with children.
  To come up with entertainment for them, you have to break your head.
   There is not a single one of the water parks and zoos. Fish can only be viewed in snorkelling or diving format.
  Some of the problems for parents are solved by hotels.
  Some of them opened children’s clubs — air conditioned, with experienced educators who take to fishing, and play pirates or cooks.
  Another of the pluses of the Maldives is a friendly ocean and a gentle approach to the water on the beaches.
  Just need to be more careful: in some places, instead of sand, a crumb of coral comes across, and this is unpleasant and even traumatic.

 Where is it more convenient to live in the Maldives while on vacation? 

   The bungalow stands in the middle of the water.
   A truly pleasant moment that distinguishes the Maldives resort from other subsequent ones is the choice of housing.
  Many places are available for tourists from accommodation: guest houses,
  hotels and even accommodation in a bungalow. 
  The last type of residence is in high demand.
  The hotel's bungalow-type room includes renting a bungalow (a small cottage) located some distance from the main building and a distance from other cottages,
  for example, on the water. 
  One of the types of holidays in the Maldives, a resort.
  Also in the Maldives you can stop in resorts.
   They are completely given to respectable resorts with a full range of entertainment, including dance shows at dinner, spa with rose petals and diving lessons.
  Tourists like to stay in different places, including hotels or villas.
  Villas adhere to the concept of «suitable only for local ones», and hotels are happy for all guests.
  Styles of guest houses range from budget to boutique hotels or hotels with an all-in level. Amenities, service and luxury differ from resorts, but guests have access to similar activities that resorts offer. 
  Excursions to nearby islands and sandbanks, water sports, snorkeling and diving are available.
   Staying in the guest house, tourists will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the rich culture of the country, as a real local resident: make new friends, discover the history of the island or take part in everyday events. 
  Guest house tourists also preserve the Maldives ecosystem.
  In 2016, coral reefs suffered from bleaching — this was influenced by the high temperature of the ocean, where corals displaced the algae, making them white. 
  The guest house service strictly ensures that fishing is not carried out on the territory, and that the reef breeding site is not bathed.

When is it best to go on a trip to the Maldives?

  Two monsoons set the tone for the weather on the islands: from May to October, southwestern rule, from November to April — northeastern. 
  They determine 1 indicator — the amount of precipitation. In May-October, it will rain in the Maldives, the sky and ocean will often frown, and in November-April it is dry and sunny — these months are considered the best for rest. True, December is the most unsuccessful of them — at this time rain may return.
  Showers on the atoll are heavy, but short-lived, usually raining at night or in the afternoon. In the south there is more precipitation than in the north. Throughout the year, the temperature during the day stays at + 26 and + 31 ° C, at night up to + 26 ° C; the water temperature in the ocean warms up to + 27 ° C.

Transportation in the Maldives.

   A seaplane in the Maldives lands on the water.
  Most hotels are located on separate islands.
   Seaplanes or boats are used to get to the hotel in the Maldives. 
  The water park of the Maldives is composed of traditional diesel boats «doni»,
  their relatives are larger, which are called «vedis» and develop decent speed boats for long-distance communications. 
  Renting a car in the Maldives is the hardest.
  The islands have a small area, so Male (the largest of all islands) can be bypassed in less than 1 hour.  However, for travel from Malé Airport, hotel or hotel you can book a rental car — transfer. 
  In advance, a taxi transfer can be ordered on Intui website.
  For those who think ahead and want to rest carefree, a transfer in the form of a water boat will be suitable. Transport is designed for 40-50 people, when ordering a private transfer – 2 lovers can ride it. 
  A specially trained driver devotes the whole trip to you: meets, takes luggage, delivers to the indicated point.
 There is an option to stop and film the panorama of the paradise island. 
 The transfer service, in addition to delivery to the hotel-island, includes a guest meeting at the airport and delivery to the boat berth.
 Book a transfer and enjoy a great holiday in the Maldives!
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