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21 Июнь 2022

TOP 10 Amusement Parks, Theme Parks and Water Parks in Turkey in 2022.

Overview of the TOP 10 Amusement Parks in Turkey for Holidays in 2022. Turkey offers sunny beaches, theme parks and water parks for family holidays. 2117 rides, a theme park the size of a city, the place where you can accelerate to 110 km in three seconds, and... water slides, fairytale castles, shows, attractions and walks with dolphins, entertainment from Belek to Antalya and Istanbul. Choose where to go on vacation and plan your trip ahead!
TOP 10 Amusement Parks, Theme Parks and Water Parks in Turkey in 2021.
     Where to relax in the upcoming 2022 season so as to shake out all the accumulated fatigue and a burst of laughter and delight? Are you ready to scream and laugh to tears? And to this, you want to bask in the sun and dive in the waters of the sea? Turkey offers all these pleasures for tourists!     
     Are you planning a vacation with children? Mandatory, yes, sure! include a visit to the park in your leisure program! It is about such moments of life, joy and happiness shared by their family that people keep all their lives. Huge, yes, huge! parks are ready to accommodate thousands of tourists, however, prepare in advance for your holiday trip. 
     In this 2022 season, the choice among countries ready to welcome tourists into their arms is not so great. Choose where you want to go and order a transfer in advance - on intui you can now order a car with a driver from your hotel or apartment to any place! Whether it's an amusement park, water park or shopping mall.

Try all the entertainment in The Land of Legends Belek.

sculptures of riders in the amusement park The Land of Legends Belek
     The Land of Legends promises much more than an ordinary summer vacation. Offering unlimited entertainment and unforgettable moments to guests of all ages, The Land of Legends stands out as a theme park complex that stretches as far as the eye can see.
     The Land of Legends Kingdom offers a unique holiday experience with a huge aqua park with 92 slides and pools of various sizes, an amusement park, a shopping center that offers the opportunity to shop from the world's most famous and exclusive stores, and so many activities that you will not want to waste a minute. The Land of Legends Belek brings together the entertainment of the world with its guests in Antalya.
     Live a day of emotions at The Land of Legends Belek.This theme and water park offers you numerous attractions where you can release adrenaline. In addition, you will see dolphins and penguins. 
     Once there, there will only be one thing left to do: have fun! The Land of Legends offers activities for all tastes and ages. Look for the Cave of the Mermaids underwater or slide more than 40 meters high in the Typhoon.
     Do you prefer activities that do not require a swimsuit? Ride the roller coasters and the flying carpets. In addition, you will be able to see a dolphin and beluga show and live a five-dimensional cinema experience.
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Dive into a fairytale in Sazova Park, Eskişehir.

View at Fairy Tale Castle and Pirate Ship attractions in the Sazova Park, Eskişehir
     Little heaven in the city centre, Sazova Park is the perfect way to spend a day in Eskisehir if you are travelling with kids. Soak up the sun while your little ones run around to explore the castle and the ship or make this a learning experience as you scan through the Science center. 
     Sazova park is a science, art and culture park. It is a beautiful park where you can spend joyful and fun times. In the sazova park, which is the largest park in Eskişehir , there is a pond, a pirate ship, a fairy tale castle, a science center, a space house, an amphitheater, playgroups, sightseeing areas and restaurants. You can visit the park from beginning to end with a free train tour, especially in this park where children can have fun and full time. 
     Fairy Tale Castle in Sazova Park attracts great attention with its resemblance to Paris Disneyland Castle. Fairy tale castle is among the most interesting parts. In the fairy tale castle, where excursions are organized for children, there is also a cafe where you can relax. The ducks around the pond in the park attract the attention of the children. Apart from these, there are many playgrounds in the park. The Tree House and the Smurfs' House are a few of them. It is possible to find many sections in Sazova Park. The most famous of these are Masal Mansion, Pirate Ship, Science Center & Space House and Eti Underwater World.
     Sazova park is a must-see if you are looking for a relaxing place among the green grass. The place also has a cafe- perfect for a light meal.

Get excited with rafting down the river in the Adaland Aquapark, Kusadası.

the group of tourists are rafting in Adaland Aquapark Kusadasi
     Adaland Aqua Park, which has been serving since 1999, is located in Kuşadası. Welcoming thousands of tourists every year, Kuşadası Adaland is one of Europe's largest water entertainment centers. There are dozens of water slides of various sizes in Adaland Aquapark. Children's pool and slides are integrated with the Kremlin towers, and for adults, a jacuzzi pool, wave pool, activity pool, ocean pool, lazy river, rafting river, jumping towers and trampolines, and animations throughout the day are specially designed. 
     Adaland Aquapark, which serves in May and September, is the best quality water entertainment center of Izmir.

Spend a unique holiday in the Marmaris Atlantis Waterpark.

people are having good time in the Marmaris Atlantis Waterpark
     Marmaris Atlantis Water Park, which you can choose for a unique holiday in Marmaris, is located in the Uzunyalı region of Marmaris. In this park, you can enjoy the holiday by performing many activities such as children's pools, slides and water activities.
     Atlantis Water Park, located in the center of Marmaris and having the feature of the biggest water park, offers the opportunity to have fun for all members of your family all day long. Atlantis water park with children's pool, various water slides, wave pool, mini golf, bowling, restaurants and bars is an ideal place for you to cool off and have an unforgettable fun day in summer.
     It is located at the seaside in Uzunyalı beach of Marmaris. All guests can use the private beach, umbrellas and sun loungers of Atlantis free of charge.

Swim with dolphins in the Aqualand & Dolphinland Troya Antalya.

happy girl is swimming with a dolphin
     When you go to Antalya Aqualand aquapark, you will have the opportunity to watch the unique shows of dolphins closely. In this magnificent show, you can watch the astonished dolphins with their extraordinary acrobatic movements and do swimming with dolphins. There are 3 pools and 15 slides in Aqualand & Dolphinland Troya Antalya.
     If you are one of those who live by enjoying every moment of life, Antalya Aqualand & Dolphinland is for you, the aqua park was established in 1994 and continues its journey with its experience until today. With its professional trainers and expert staff, it works to provide better service and make you feel safe. Being the first water park of Antalya, Aqualand & Dolphinland water park is in the city center and has the advantage of being easy and convenient to transport. In addition to the aqua park inside the park, botanical trees and ornamental plants are provided for their guests to enjoy more by adding a different atmosphere.

Escape to the world of dreams in the Wonderland Eurasia, Ankara.

view at the dinosaur in the Wonderland Eurasia park
     Noting that the entertainment units prepared for visitors of all ages and families to have fun and have a good time will host unforgettable memories will bring new excitement in a special and interesting world with its escape to the world of dreams as well as nostalgia, botanical diversity. 
     In the theme park Wonderland Eurasia where 5 million local and foreign visitors are expected annually, there are 2 thousand 117 entertainment units.
     The park, with a maximum auger in the world 14 roller coaster, Turkey's highest boat tower Wind Riders, the 75-meter giant tower "Abyssto The Underworld", designed in Turkey Digital Dark Ride and Earthquakes, lava adventure, oto robot, Turkey's There are many entertainment units such as the large MD multi-dimensional cinema, ice cave, laser arena, 207 meters wide music and lighted water dance.
     The park, which contains architectural examples of world cultural heritage from the Stone Age to the Seljuk, from the Ottoman to the technology age, will literally take its visitors on a journey to the past.
     Visitors may also spend time in new trend technological entertainment areas such as AR / VR applied holograms and interactive animations throughout the park.

Feel dizzy and breathless in the Vialand Theme Park.

beautiful castle of Vialand theme park in Istanbul
     Vialand Theme Park in Istanbul has a magical atmosphere with its Shopping Center, sightseeing spots and theme park. What's in Vialand Theme Park? 
     You may find here lots of fun attractions for adults and children.
     Breathtaking: Around the  world, everyone is in line for him!Leave yourself alone in Nefeskesen, which invites you to real fun with its speed exceeding 110 km in three seconds! Screaming is free! The Breathing unit is with you, with a capacity of 900 people per hour. I think you must think a few times before you get on. 
     Viking:  Viking will be your favorite if you like watery fun. From 15 meters down, a wonderful drop unexpectedly, adrenaline is on the ceiling! Don't forget to take an umbrella with you. :)
     360: True adrenaline enthusiasts turn their courage into fun in 360. What does VIALAND look like from 28 meters above and upside down? You wouldn't know without trying! You will feel dizzy and breathless.
     And it is not all. Here you may find +25 other rides and slides.
     When you want to have a short meal break for laughter and entertainment in the Theme Park units, you will be able to taste various flavors either in the buffets or in the 10 different restaurants by watching the pleasant views.

Experience truly terrifying entertainment in Dino Park Kemer.

a dinosaur meets the guest at the entrance to the Dino Park in Kemer
     Dino Park in Kemer is located on 30 acres of land, in the orange-scented nature of the Mediterranean, between pistachio and red pine forests.
     In the DinoPark, there are replacements of the dinosaurs, which were extinct millions of years ago, in exact dimensions. These moving models can make the natural sounds of dinosaurs, giving the feeling of being alive with their gaze and breath. You can see these giant creatures that we are familiar with from movies and documentaries.
     Dino Park in Kemer invites you to witness joyful moments while the glass feels the hiss of time with 14 moving, 14 still dinosaurs.
     You will have fun with activities such as trampoline, water-pool games and climbing gate in Dino Park.
     Deep Fear horror tunnel with DinoPark advertisement invites you to a brand new and truly terrifying entertainment experience! Replace with the performances of live actors instead of mechanical, timed mockups, horror tunnel calls for a new and genuine horror promising experience in horror tunnel fun. You will not forget this horror tunnel with its special lighting and elaborate sound effects.

Taking to the skies in the Aktur Park Antalya.

Ferris Wheel Antalya Aktur Park view
     Imagine a world of entertainment where courage meets security. Where you embrace the sky, Where you live your childhood dream,A magical and fantastic world where you set out for the sun.
     Aktur Park Antalya has been operating with more than 40 entertainment units and a 300-person tea garden. Amusement park offers family, children and adults only attractions. 
     Among them are a Ferris wheel with a gorgeous view of the resort town of Antalya and the coast, roller coasters, a huge handola soaring into the air and many funny spinners and skewers.
     Keep your hats, we're taking to the skies!

Have fun with all the heart in the Moi park Istanbul.

People ride an attraction in Moi park Istanbul
     Moi Park which has been realized as the largest indoor amusement park in Europe , is a different world established on an area of ​​12000 square meters. While there are dozens of different entertainment for children on the upper floor of the park, where children aged 4-10 can have fun, there is a world full of adrenaline and fun that can take the hearts of adults out on the lower floor of the park.
     In Moi Park, which has around 30 different entertainment areas, in addition to this fun and lively world, the shows of the mascots of the park, Stone Heads, and different activities are also organized. 
     According to the story, the Taşkafa family, who destroyed the meteor falling to the world, fell to the area where Mall of Istanbul is located together with a meteor fragment. Together with the Father Vinox family, they set out to build a playground that will entertain people. The name of this place is Moipark because they speak as "MOI MOI" among themselves. Other members of the family are Anne Cosmona, their children Zonar and Krazel, and a sweet little baby Zozo.
     As with almost every playground, you need to get a card at the entrance to Moipark. By loading money on this card, you are entering the world of entertainment.
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