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How to travel with oversized or overweight bags?

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Collecting and transporting a suitcase is one of the most exciting stages of preparing for a trip. It is important to take into account different rates, norms and conditions of carriage while booking your tickets because usually paying for oversized or overweight baggage at the airport or train station is much more expensive. 

Find below what’s important to know about traveling with oversized or overweight bags and how many kg is allowed to take on board while travel by airplane, train or ship.  


How much luggage can I take on airplane?

The basic fare of most airlines includes transportation of one piece of hand luggage in the cabin (check info individually on the carrier's website) and one suitcase weighing from 20 to 30 kg. It is important to check how many kg of baggage the airline allows you to take with you on board of airplane. Especially if you travel with oversized, overweight or extra bags.

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Extra piece of luggage.

In addition to one suitcase which is included in the cost of the basic fare of most companies each passenger can take unlimited amount of luggage with extra charge. Business Class tickets often include free transportation of two pieces of luggage per person. In any case it is much more profitable to indicate the number of suitcases in advance at the stage of buying a ticket and pay for them on the website since the price at the airport can be much higher.


How to travel with oversized or non-standard luggage.

Oversized luggage exceeds the free size limit. As a rule this is more than 158 cm in the sum of length, width and height and in some airlines — about 203 cm with handles, wheels and pockets. If the suitcase is larger than the norm in size then its transportation will have to be paid separately.

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Non-standard baggage includes cradles and baby strollers, sports equipment, musical instruments and other baggage subject to special conditions of carriage. The airline specifies the maximum weight, size and what is included in one set of luggage. Payment for some types of non-standard baggage is fixed. It happens that it is taken in the luggage for free, for example, in the case of baby strollers or sets of fishing rods, snowboard or ski equipment. But it is important to clarify all these details in advance when buying tickets.


How much luggage can I take on the train?

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The train can be an excellent alternative for the transportation of oversized and overweight bags. Many carrier companies in addition to the baggage spaces provided in the ticket on special shelves in the cars also allow you to issue an additional ticket for the carriage of extra or oversized and overweight bags in separate cars. As a rule bags up to 36 kg are carried in hand luggage and all the rest are sent to the cargo compartment. Unlike an airplane you can take a large number of bags with you on the train at a reasonable price.


Bicycles, kayaks, snowboards, skis, baby strollers can be carried in hand luggage,but only if they are disassembled and packed. Sometimes the transportation of large sports equipment is asked to pay separately. It is important to clarify all these nuances when buying a ticket.


How much luggage is allowed to take in a car for a transfer?

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After buying the tickets on plane, train or ship it is important to plan in advance how you will get to the airport, port or train station and back. In particular if you are travelimg with extra, oversize and overweight bags. Regular taxi services cannot always offer a suitable car on the day of booking so it is important to book a suitable car in advance.


When booking an individual transfer on the Intui travel website the maximum possible amount of luggage and its type can be found by opening the description of the car. Click “Details and conditions”, in the opened list you will find information about the types of luggage that this car can carry.

How many pieces of luggage can be transported by transfer

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The list that appears will indicate whether it is possible to carry sports equipment, such as snowboards and golf clubs, whether it is allowed to carry musical instruments and a bicycle. If the description above does not contain information about the types of luggage carried by the car, then the car carries only standard luggage.


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When planning a trip with oversized, extra or overweight luggage book a suitable car for a private transfer with personal driver in advance. It is easy to find suitable cars that will be able to transport  the maximum possible amount of luggage with the new searching tools. 

Learn more about new searh options for choosing a car for an individual transfer.


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