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Beach bliss: rest on the spectacular sunny shores of Portugal, Italy and Spain with Intui

Girl resting in the resort of Portugal
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Are you ready for the beach season 2023? During the holiday season, both resorts and transport companies are usually busy, so it’s worth planning a vacation now. Intui travel news: the service expands the geography of routes and presents new offers from transport companies in Portugal, Spain and Italy. Even more opportunities to travel to the hottest destinations! However, the closer the high season, the less options for travel. Hurry up to book an airport transfer in advance, while the offers are available in a wide range.

Arrange an unforgettable vacation in the best resorts in Portugal.

Friends have fun on the coast in Portugal
Authors / photo source: Unsplash.

There are many beach areas on the coast of Portugal. Sandy beaches are located on the Lisbon Riviera and in the Algarve, pebbly — mainly in Madeira. Faro Airport FAO serves the Algarve region, where beaches stretch for almost 200 km. One of the most beautiful is Praia da Marina, where many tourists gather during the high season. There are also many good resorts in the vicinity of FAO: Albufeira, Portimão, Carvoeiro, etc.

Another popular holiday destination in Portugal is the city of Porto with its OPO airport. There are also many sandy and pebble beaches, which are separated by rock formations. They stretch from the confluence of the Douro River into the Atlantic Ocean to the city of Matosinhos. To make the trip comfortable, you can order an airport transfer in advance. So you can choose a car from a wide range, choose an offer for the cost of the trip or various options.

How to travel to the city center by private transfer in Alfontes from Faro Airport FAO.

Transportation services to Praia da Marina from Faro Airport FAO.

Private transfer to all destinations from Faro Airport FAO.

New travel destination to Porto Cruise Port Leixoes from Porto Airport OPO.

Transportation services to Praia do Mole from Porto Airport OPO.

New travel destinations and areas from Porto Airport OPO.

Relax on beautiful beaches in hot Spain.

Friends relaxing on a picturesque beach in Spain
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The picturesque region of Spain, Asturias, is not the most popular, but exciting holiday destination. Here you can relax on the unique beauty of the beaches and enjoy the nature of Northern Spain. Beach holidays here are especially good in the summer — when the rest of Spain is immersed in the heat, Asturias is not so hot. Best beaches: Rodiles, San Lorenzo, Santa Marina, etc. In order to get there in comfort from Asturias Airport OVD, you should book a private transfer in advance. So you can choose the right car by capacity or class from a large list of offers, until they are all sold out.

How to travel to the city center Oviedo from Asturias Airport OVD.

Transportation services to Amandi (Villaviciosa) from Asturias Airport OVD.

New travel destinations from Asturias Airport OVD.

Visit sunny Italy and its impressive resorts.

The girl is resting in a warm resort in Italy
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There are many resorts in Italy for every taste, but the most popular are located near the Gulf of Genoa. In the vicinity of Turin TRN Airport, there are also ski and thermal resorts, hot and beach resorts are located in the south. The most famous: San Remo, Monaco, Nice, Monte Carlo, Savona, Genoa, etc. airport transfers, like hotels and air tickets, are sold out in advance during the holiday season. Due to the large influx of tourists, it is worth considering ordering a car with driver now. So upon arrival, you will not need to queue for a taxi or crowd in public transport.

How to travel to the city center Vercelli from Turin Airport TRN.

New travel destinations from Turin Airport TRN.

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