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Skydiving in Dubai and underwater dinner in the Maldives: 5 ideas for the very best Valentine's Day.

Family playing on the beach on Valentine's Day, Maldives
Authors / photo source: conradmaldives.
How do you imagine the best Valentine's Day? Maybe you would like to stroll through the streets of Paris? Or take a vacation with the kids to Hong Kong Disneyland? Or you are an extreme lover and dream of skydiving in Dubai with your partner? Make plans for Valentine's Day together with loved ones, and Intui will suggest options for the very best Valentine's Day.

The most romantic Valentine's Day is in Paris.

Best Valentine's Day celebration in Paris
Authors / photo source: Pxhere.

Paris is known to be the city of love. On Valentine's Day, lovers walk along the Seine and watch the Eiffel Tower at sunset. The most romantic natures arrange unusual dates, for example, watching retro movies or learning to dance passionate tango. But the capital of France on February 14 will be of interest not only to couples: the city offers numerous art exhibitions, unusual museums, gourmet cruises, shows and theater performances for guests of all ages.

The most exotic Valentine's Day is underwater in the Maldives.

Underwater Valentine's Day Dinner at Ithaa, Maldives
Authors / photo source: conradmaldives.

Holidays in the Maldives are truly unique: the archipelago has completely submerged rooms, restaurants and a spa where you can spend Valentine's Day in an exotic setting. You can live underwater in The Muraka Under-water Villa — the main bedrooms are located at a depth of almost 5 meters. Dinner at the M6M restaurant is an unforgettable experience, because from here at a depth of 6 meters you can enjoy a beautiful underwater view of the coral gardens. The Sea Underwater Restaurant has been voted the best underwater restaurant in the world many times, and the world's first underwater wine cellar is located here. Continue the exotic experience on Valentine's Day at the Huvafen Underwater Spa — the atmosphere at depth is conducive to relaxation, such a vacation will definitely be remembered.

The most breathtaking Valentine's Day is in the sky over Dubai.

Hot air balloon flight in Dubai for Valentine's Day
Authors / photo source: Unsplash.

In Dubai, you can arrange an incredible celebration and fly in a hot air balloon over the Rub Al Khali desert. During the flight, views of the endless sea of desert, grazing gazelles and the majestic Hajar Mountains open up. If you want to celebrate Valentine's Day in an extreme way, you can jump with a parachute. A spectacular jump over the legendary Palm Jumeirah or the Arabian Desert will allow you to look at Dubai from a completely different angle and have a breathtaking Valentine's Day.

The most exciting Valentine's Day for the whole family is at Hong Kong Disneyland.

Entertainment at Hong Kong Disneyland for Valentine's Day
Authors / photo source: hongkongdisneyland.

The best holiday for the little family members can be arranged at Hong Kong Disneyland. Basically, the park is designed for children under 10 years old, but adults will also be interested in watching fairy-tale worlds and characters. Here you can meet the heroes of your favorite cartoons — Cinderella, Donald, Chip and Dale, Goofy, Mickey and others. In the park, you can go boating through the jungle, ride a carousel and go on one of the most extreme forms of entertainment — a trip on a trolley through an abandoned mine.

The most secluded holiday celebration is in the beautiful castles in Europe.

Eltz Castle in Germany for a secluded Valentine's Day
Authors / photo source: Unsplash.

On Valentine's Day, you can get away from the hustle and bustle and visit ancient European castles. The most famous are Eltz Castle in Germany, Bran in Romania, Mont Saint-Michel in France, the Alhambra in Spain and more. Walking through the castles is the best choice for celebrating Valentine's Day with only the closest people in private.

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