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The truth and myths about holidays with children.


International travel with kids

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They say that a vacation with children is not a vacation at all. Maybe but if you approach travel planning in advance the possibility of having a great vacation with the whole family increases exponentially. Debunking the most popular myths about holidays with children.

Myth №1 Traveling with children is difficult.


Mother travels with kids

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The most common myth among newly-made parents is that it is difficult to travel with kids. How to go somewhere when you don't even risk going out of the yard. Experienced travelers often say that it is easiest to travel and fly with kids up to two years old. And the sooner you start practicing it the faster the child learns to adapt to a new environment.


Of course you can't do without numerous life hacks that simplify the life of modern parents. These are both convenient carriers (kangaroos, eco-backpacks and hipsters) and compact baby strollers (like babyzen yoyo). Although the confidence of the parents themselves is quite important because they broadcast it to their child.


Myth №2 International travel with kids by plane is not a good idea.


International travel with kids by plane

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There is no certain age after which it is safe to say that international travel with kids will be as comfortable as possible. You can fly on a plane with a two-week-old baby who will sleep sweetly most of the way while an active three-year-old will be running around. No one knows their child better than parents, so only they can decide when to make the first flight in the life of a baby.


However, there are a lot of tips on how to travel with baby with comfort.


The right bag for family travel.


Despite the fact that passengers are not allowed to carry any foreign liquids on the plane this rule does not apply to infants. You can bring with you the necessary amount of liquid food (formula, purees, water, snacks) to feed the child. It is also important to collect enough diapers for baby hygiene and spare sets of clothes (for both adults and children) in case of force majeure situations. For older children an inflatable pillow under their feet will be an excellent solution, due to which the child can lie down and calmly stretch his legs.


Entertainment on board.

New books and toys which are often given to children by airlines also serve as excellent entertainment. More books and toys you on board with you the more chances you will have to distract the baby. And of course gadgets that can be carried into the salon and where you can download cartoons and games. Also many companies offer a free on-board entertainment system - it is enough to clarify this moment when booking tickets.


Travel with kids books and toys for airplane

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Flight selection.

Saving with children on tickets is not a good idea. Especially if you choose inconvenient flights that are not adapted to your children's daily routine. It is best to take night flights for long transatlantic flights so that the kids can sleep through the night. If we are talking about a short flight (no more than 3-4 hours) it is worth paying attention to morning departures so that the travel time matches with daytime sleep or in the afternoon to get to the hotel / apartment in time for a night's sleep. It is also better to avoid long connections especially at night.


Myth №3 Family travel with children is not a vacation.

Of course holidays with children have their own specifics. You have to keep an eye on kids all the time so parents don't even dream of relaxation. However there are plenty of options for how to properly distribute the load and allocate time for yourself.


Travelling with children summer

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Hotel with kids club and animation.

Most resort hotels provide the option of free access to a kids club. When booking a tour pay attention to this point. Also learn a little more about the animation available to guests - often kids are entertained from morning to evening free of charge. That’s an ideal opportunity for parents to take a little break while the children are under the supervision of educators!


Babysitting services.

Some families who can afford it fly everywhere with a nanny who spends most of the time on vacation with children. For those parents who do not have such an opportunity and the kids are still too young for independent games in a kids club hourly babysitter services are available in many hotels. Having planned a romantic dinner for two you can easily leave your baby for a couple of hours in the care of a qualified nanny.


Travel with the whole family.

Traveling with a large family takes on a completely different tone when it comes to holidays with children. Grandparents will be happy to play with the kids in the shade on the beach while the parents spend time together. Also you can easily change each other and everyone will have the opportunity to truly enjoy a family vacation.



Myth №4 Traveling with children is expensive.


Traveling with children to the sea

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Some parents wonder how and where to travel with baby and save money? For sure travelling with children can be much more difficult and expensive than travelling alone. But nothing is impossible. Children under two years fly almost free of charge without their own seat (you pay only service fee).  Children's train tickets are also inexpensive.  A great moment to see the world since most mothers have a decree at this time which means there is no connection to a work schedule.

Also many hotels offer free accommodation for children up to a certain age or ask for a small cost. Meals for kids are often discounted.


Myth 5 Travel with kids is nervous.


How to travel with a child

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How to travel with a child and not go crazy - a frequent search on the Internet. In fact the secret lies ... in the well-designed logistics of the trip. Starting from packing the suitcase and travel bag (you can start a month before the trip) ending with the choice how to get to / from the airport or train station. To ensure that holidays with children bring as few surprises as possible experienced travelers recommend booking tickets, hotels, and transport much in advance.


An advance order of a private airport transfer with a personal driver will greatly simplify the movement during the trip.  On the Intui travel website you can pre-oder the most suitable car for the selected destination by entering all the necessary parameters in the filter field.  

For example by indicating the number and type of child seats as well as noting the presence of water in the cabin and video screens for watching cartoons on the road.  Most importantly at the specified time the driver will meet you at the airport, help you with your luggage and comfortably take you to your hotel or apartment.  So that family vacations bring exceptionally positive emotions to both children and their parents.

Searching tools for selecting transfer offers will help you quickly find a car with child seats

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