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Uncharted Europe. Take a James Bond-style vacation.

Family traveling by yacht to the secret island

Authors / photo source: Unsplash.

There are a lot of beautiful and hidden islands in Europe for an unforgettable vacation. For examole Ibiza, Majorca or the island of Capri famous for its turquoise waters. For those travellers who prefer  holidays away from tourist routes the ideal vacation spot can be the hidden islands from our review. Located away from the big cities these resorts offer all the delights of island life with an emphasis on exclusivity and privacy inspired by James Bond movies.


Hidden Islands of Italy: charming Filicudi.

The most beautiful islands of Italy

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Filicudi is an incredibly beautiful hidden island located two hours by ferry from Palermo. It is famous for its crystal clear waters and authentic restaurants where you should definitely try spaghetti alla filicudara – with capers, olives, anchovies and rosemary. The best island for romantic or family vacations. 


The beautiful Islands of Sicily: Pantelleria.

Summer-sailing in Europe

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Lost in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea the hidden island of Pantelleria is located closer to Tunisia than to island Italy, where there are no familiar beaches. They sunbathe there right on the volcanic plates. The landscape is really impressive – with smoking fumaroles on the slopes of the volcano, thermal springs, vineyards and protected rocky coves for swimming and diving. How to get to the beautiful island while on vacation in Italy? It is most convenient to get there on special hydrofoils from Sicily or Matsara del Vallo.


How to travel on the island of Elba in Italy.

Elba Island in Italy what to visit

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The island of Elba became widely known as the place where Napoleon was exiled. Today this resort is chosen for a leisurely vacation away from big cities. However in addition to secluded coves and shady beaches there are also interesting activities such as museums, shopping and famous restaurants. You can get there from the city of Piombino by ferry.


How to get to Lastovo Island in Croatia.

The old town of Lastovo Island in Croatia

Authors / photo source: Unsplash.

Somewhere between Apulia and Dalmatian coast is the Lastovo archipelago situared in the crystal clear Adriatic. The largest of the islands is Lastovo itself, which has a protected natural park and a beautiful hotel where tourists can oder a specialty of local cuisine - fresh lobster spaghetti. How to get to the hidden island while on vacation in Croatia? The easiest way to get there is by passenger ferry straight from Split.


How to get the island of Vis for travelling in Croatia.

Ferry to Vis Island in Croatia

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For a long time this island on the territory of Croatia remained closed to entry since a military base was previously located there. Now when everyone can get there (the ferry departs from Split, and the road takes about two and a half hours) there are still not so much tourists in scale to the popular Hvar or Kvarchula. The place is famous for its crystal clear beaches, silence and excellent gastronomy with seafood.



Hidden Islands of Portugal, magic Pico.

Beautiful landscapes of Pico Island

Authors / photo source: Unsplash.

Leave your espadrilles at home as on the volcanic island of Pico you will need walking boots for hiking in the vineyards surrounded by the mountain ranges of the majestic Pico Mountain. The perfect time for leisure is from March to October to watch whales and from July to October to swim with dolphins in their natural habitat. You can get to the hidden island directly from Lisbon



Plan your leisure on the island of Gozo, Malta.

Travel to hidden Island of Gozo in Malta

Authors / photo source: Unsplash.

There is a mention of this island in Homer's famous Odyssey (in the novel Ogygia Island, where the main character spent seven years under the spell of the sea nymph Calypso) and even in the first season of Game of Thrones. However the hidden island has preserved its pristine beauty. Swim in the rocky coves, try the local refreshing carbonated drink Kinney and the famous spaghetti with sea urchins. How to get to the beautiful island for travelling on Malta? Malta Airport is an hour's drive from Chirkevva Harbour where ferries to Gozo depart. The sea crossing takes 30 minutes.



The best oysters on the hidden island of Ile d'Ex.

Hidden Islands of France

Authors / photo source: Unsplash.

Unlike the nearby islands of Re and Oleron there is no bridge connecting Aix to the mainland so you can only get there by ferry from Pointe de la Fume in Fouras. Rent a bike to ride around the island, have lunch with oysters at the Speiser Franck restaurant and watch the sunset on the Anse de la Croix beach.



Leisure on the beautiful island of Terschelling.

Beautiful view of the bay on Terschelling

Authors / photo source: Unsplash.

Tershelling is the best island for cycling thanks to the well-maintained trails along the sea line. The ferry takes travelers there from the city of West Terschelling where you can rent bicycles in advance and then go to the neighboring village of Midsland to taste the famous banana bread with a compote made from local cranberries.



Travel to Vrango Island in Sweden.

Fishing village by the sea

Authors / photo source: Unsplash.

Few people know where the islands for leisure in Sweden are situated. The water in Vranga is very cold so travelers prefer to warm up in floating saunas. You can walk along sandy beaches surrounded by rocky coves on foot or by kayak. Walk past the fishing shacks and lobster stalls in the harbor to Fiskeboda where you can buy fresh catch to take away or sit in a sunny restaurant and taste mackerel, shrimp and lobster. How to get to Wrangel Island: fly to Gothenburg and from there to Saltholmen where ferries depart.


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